Have your say on plans for 107 new homes at Bradley Park

What’s in the plans?

We are preparing to submit a detailed planning application before Christmas 2018 for up to 107 new homes on land off Tithe House Way, Huddersfield.

The site is allocated for residential use within our Unitary Development Plan and is proposed to form part of a wider allocation in the emerging Local Plan.

What sort of houses will there be?

A mix of 1-bedroom apartments, 2, 3,4 and 5-bedroom houses is proposed, at least 20% of which will be affordable. Access to the site is proposed off Tithe House Way.

Want to find out more?

For more details and to provide us with your comments please email planning.consultation@cushwake.com by 14th November 2018.

You can download some additional images to help inform your comments by using this link.


  • Hi Val. Whenever a development like this is proposed, the council in its role as the local planning authority will look in detail at what infrastructure there is in the local area, and whether it can cope with the number of houses proposed. Issues such as the need for school places and public open space will need to be addressed, while funding for GP practices is provided by the NHS based on need and registered patients, among other factors. Next month the council will launch our plans to make changes to the roads in the Cooper Bridge area, which have been developed in conjunction with the Bradley Park plans.

  • Please tell me there will be a new school / up graded schools for these new residents? Because right now, there are only a handful of places available, if that, in local schools as it is. It appears that the Council forget that along with new homes, there’s a needs for all the things that go with it. School places, GP”s and dentists, improved road networks, open spaces…
    It it disgraceful how the Council push ahead, without addressing the most basic of needs in a community.

  • The houses should be first built on brownfield sites whether owner privately or by the council. If developers hold onto land without building in a reasonable it should be forfeited instead of creating urban sprawl and removing important green space.

  • Absolute disgrace. A wonderful, quality facility in a beautiful location. Should never have come to this. Paid my rates to Kirklees for over 20 years and have never been so hacked off with how its run. You should be ashamed of this, not to mention the disgraceful lack of action over gang rapes.

  • Just seen this post and therefore missed 24 Oct meeting! Would hope the council and builders have some ideas how to avoid the traffic problems that will be caused by building this amount of housing on an already very busy road. I do not support this proposal.

  • Is this as well or instead of the Housing on the Golf course .. If it is … madness .. Bradley Road cannot cope with current traffic volume

  • Good to see affordable properties being build here on this development. All I see in the area being built are huge 5 bedroom properties and affordable to only the few.

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