Have your say on how our highways are designed

We are asking for people’s views on our Highways Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document.

When can I comment?

This document builds on the policy framework established in the Kirklees Local Plan and will be open for comment from 9am Thursday 1 November until 5pm Thursday 13 December.

All interested parties views will help us shape the final Highway Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document which will be used to make decisions on planning applications.

Why is the document important?

The document aims to promote high standards of highway design that reflect nationally recognised best-practice and help with the delivery of high-quality residential, employment and mixed-use developments in our area.

Where can I comment?

The document can be viewed and commented on online.  Alternatively, there will be copies at our Customer Service Centres in either Dewsbury or Huddersfield where you can view the documents and pick up a comments form.



  • You need to sort out our existing roads before taking on anymore plans, which will probably never see the light of day. Since 2009 I have tried to get our road resurfaced, now 9 years on still waiting. Say no more.

  • There is a system of using recycled plastic which would be incinerated or land filled in tarmac which can be incorporated at up to 10% which gives an improved performance. Details are with a Recycling Officer.

  • Make sure traffic filter lights work. Turning into Station Road Mirfield is a lottery with drivers taking risks as the filter doesn’t always work.

  • Michael John Mothersdale

    I have often wondered when driving along MAIN ROADS in different areas of Huddersfield exactly WHO makes the decisions on pedestrian crossings ! In many many instances where Pedestrians need to cross MAIN roads why pedestrian foot bridges , like in Birmingham , are not used this would keep traffic flowing and ease congestion as peak periods now last all day .. Firth st by the university is a particular problem as students wearing earphones step onto crossing without even looking or knowing where they are ! KIRKLEES HIGHWAYS PLANNING NEED TO WAKE UP !

  • Traffic needs to flow better (the Ring Road is very good) But the town centre is very, very poor. This in my opinion is effecting Huddersfield shoppers. And parking is too expensive along with the lack of public loos. Highway design on its own is no good if it only goes to a dead town. If you need a good example of this go to Barnsley – easy traffic flow free parking Saturday/Sunday & Bank Holidays the town is doing very well (Go to Holmfirth bus station on a Wednesday morning and ask the bus full of shoppers why they are going to Barnsley. The General state of the roads is disgusting go to North Yorkshire, Lincolnshire etc and compare. We have reasonable motor way access this could also be improved it does not need a lot. Holmfirth & Slaithwaite desperately need the traffic problems sorting out. This will do for now sorry for being so negative

  • Key Design Driver 20 recommends 2 off street car parking spaces in 2/3 Bedroom houses and 1 bike parking space.

    I live in a 3 bedroom house. We have one car. I have 3 bikes, a commuter bike, a mountain bike and a road bike. My wife has a bike. My children have a bike each. I accept that I am atypical. But surely bike parking for at least 4 bikes should be the norm.

  • It is 21st century and KMC Highways and its contractors have not been able to install / fix gully grids and metal lids on roads in a way so that they don’t subside and ruin the roads and cause difficulties for motorists. Have a look at the gully grids on Lockwood road and other roads in Kirklees and see for yourself the standard of their installation. The situation is quite common all over the country. The standard of road restoration by the utilities companies is also very poor. KMC highways must explore ways to install gully grids and metal lids on roads so that they stay in place and do not subside and cause damage to roads. Public money must not be wasted through poor and shoddy workmanship.

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