Almondbury Library Service Engagement

Following on from our consultation earlier this year, we are now starting engagement work with library users and our local communities. We want to identify how best to move library services forward, so that they meet both the current and future needs of local communities.

What changes are you proposing? 

We are starting that journey with Almondbury. We have shared our thoughts on a solution which we believe will provide users with access to everything they have now but in a newer building.

The proposal is to move the library to the Children’s Centre building off Fairfield Road.  This would have the added benefit of being more centrally located.  The size and flexibility of the building means that we could locate additional services alongside the library, keep it open for longer, offer access to more activities and be used for community events and meetings.

More about Library Service Engagement in Almondbury

How can I get involved? 

We are keen to work with the local community as we develop services in each area. It is important that we understand any concerns or ideas they have about how we move forward.

This is not about closing down libraries or reducing services.  It’s about making sure we invest in the right places that are accessible to communities, and make sure our services are sustainable for the future.

We will be holding engagement sessions in the community over the coming weeks – details of these will be available on this page,  you can also share your thoughts by emailing us with Almondbury Engagement in the subject line.



  • Hi Claire, this is at consultation stage so please click through to have your say officially. This is an option to make sure we can keep a library service running in Almondbury. ^VH

  • I agree with Stephen!

  • Absolutely disgusted. This library has stood since 1905. It’s survived two wars and it’s an important part of Huddersfield and Almondburys history and a very much used and loved building. How much are you hoping to gain by selling it?
    What are you going to do and how are you going to manage when you’ve sold off all the assets of Huddersfield?

  • This seems a really sensible solution. The Children’s centre is a much better building; more central, better parking, more accessible access and closer to families that have a real need for the library.

  • The ‘community facility’ in question is certainly not considered as such within Almondbury. The last time I walked through the car park there were druggies hanging around with one actually injecting! It is just behind the chemist on the main road and people get their methadone there then hang around in the car park. Fortunately I had my dog with me but even so I felt vulnerable. The police don’t want to know.
    The current Library site is part of our heritage and could be used as a community centre as well. Why does Kirklees want to get rid of our history and heritage? It is too easy to sell the crown jewels but once gone can never be replaced.
    The current Library is certainly not used purely by old fogies, there is a vibrant story time for young children, used by children afterschool and is ideally situated for that. The area is safe too with houses opposite in the converted school building and well lit outside. Also, there is an active volunteers group who at this library really do enhance the Library experience.
    Kirklees please do not get rid of this particular crown jewel.

  • Re-the Almondbury Library proposals. Not before time! It was a total farce that this did not happen years ago when the, now virtually redundant, Childrens’ Centre was built. To let a few utterly selfish, myopic old fogies derail that initiative was a weak dereliction of duty by the Council. Get it done soon, get the old building sold off and sensitively redeveloped and let’s have a community facility worth having with much longer hours open in early January 2019!!!

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