We are challenging you to balance the budget

Since 2010 we have had to reduce our budget by more than £184 million, which means for every pound we spent in 2010, we will have only 60 pence to spend in 2020.

Why is this the case?

Future funding patterns are uncertain. Changes to business rates and reductions in government grants, as well as the uncertainty of Brexit, mean our long-term planning is more difficult. That is why this year we are choosing not to consult on a line by line list of service changes.

How can you help?

Instead, at this stage, we are asking people and businesses to describe their priorities for spending the money that is available by balancing the budget.

Check out our video inviting you to take part

How do I have my say?

You can complete the budget simulator online here.



  • Are we paying in inflated wages to some of the office staff at Kirklees .

  • If this was a proper way on how to reduce money then YES I and many other people would be able to save money in lots of places, but with you only doing a slider when you move it to the left it goes red and there’s a nuclear explosion and when you move it to the right it goes green and everything is like you are in heaven but its only a dream. Going through one by one you will be able to save lots of money easily but what is the point in writing our opinions here to not take any of the advice. Sorry but that’s possibly how everyone will see this.

  • It’s heartening to see our local authority giving the community the opportunity to get involved.

  • stop wasting money on doing up fancy flower pots or whatever you call them in town by primark and down that road we do not need them

  • Hi Matthew, it’s a true reflection of the choices we have to make – sadly the choices are really hard. We want people to have a go and tell us their choices so we can see what their priorities are. ^VH

  • Protecting vulnerable children and adults should always be the highest priority even if that means some other desirable but, perhaps less crucial, services have to go without. For example, it might be inconvenient, but it’s not impossible to drive on roads with potholes. I don’t envy you this impossible task – good luck!

  • Cut down on the machines around town centres supposedly cleaning pavements. Try walking behind one they all leave muddy streaks. What’s wrong with a brush and shovel?

  • What a load of twoddle, every question is dramatic and loaded for effect and sympathy.
    Please stop all this overspend on abstract services and concentrate on the basics

  • Why spend money on signage pioneer building Dewsbury.

  • I have done this balancing budget ‘thing’. Is this just a way to show everyone that you can’t balance this budget without cutting literally everything??
    I have read through every bit of information provided on the simulator and it is a case of make everything worse, or charge more. Don’t get me wrong, i completely understand that it’s no walk in the park to try and save such a huge sum of money, but it seems

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