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We live in an amazing area, with lots of great reasons for people to come and visit us. With this in mind, we know more needs to be done to raise our profile and image, so we want to get feedback from as many people as we can so we can start to shape this powerful story.

Please take two minutes to complete this online survey. so we can find out what you love about Kirklees, and what you think needs to be done to make our area a stand out area in the future.


  • Huddersfield is sandwiched between 2 major cities. We can’t compete with shops but we can become known as a heritage town with quality items and arts and crafts. More like Holmfirth basically. Bring that feel to Huddersfield town centre.

  • Too little too late.

  • I agree it is a great place to live and work. But for many people the first view of Kirklees is from the train from Leeds, Manchester or Wakefield and what a view it is! They will get an impression of crumbling buildings, huge recycling plants, litter and decay.
    Unless they look deeper and many are passing through they will get a false impression, or may be not!
    It is a major project to involve Railtrack local business and the Council.

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