Castle Hill Litter Pick Day

Castle Hill, Huddersfield

Volunteers are invited to join The Castle Hill Ranger at a community litter pick on Friday 7th December from 10 am to 12 noon.

Castle Hill Ranger Julian Brown said;

“We always welcome anyone who wishes to come along and help even if it’s for only half an hour or so.  These volunteers are incredible in giving up their time to help clean up a much loved attraction and only spoilt by a few”.

Why do we need your help?

Recently litter picking has been undertaken by volunteers in the gorse vegetation area which caught fire due to the misuse of fireworks and despite a Public Space Protection Order being in place preventing the use of fireworks, lanterns, barbeques and fires.

Julian adds:

“Much of the litter that has been collected in this area includes pub drinking glasses, beer bottles and crisp packets. One crisp packet was from 1992 proving things do not rot. Although the fire was a terrible thing we have managed to get into an area that is usually thick with gorse and get this litter which goes back many years”.

Do I need to bring anything?

Gloves and litter pickers will be provided for volunteers. Anyone interested in taking part please contact Julian Brown, Castle Hill Ranger on 07870 570914

Want to know more about Castle Hill?

Visit our website.


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