We want your views on Taxi Drivers and Private Hire Licensing

We want you to share your views on a range of policies relating to suitability of application and licensees as drivers in Taxi and Private Hire Licensing.

The policies which are West Yorkshire wide, also look at Driver Training as well as the Kirklees Council Hackney Carriage and Private Policy.

Why is the policy important?

The overriding aim of the policy is to protect the public, safeguard children and those that are vulnerable.

How can I take part?

The policies and a survey which people can use to submit their responses can be found online here.

Respondents can also email their views directly to Kirklees Council Licensing Team licensing@kirklees.gov.uk

Submissions can be made until 18th January 2019.


  • Why free free training. You can Train all you want,Test them, Its after that That’s important.
    I agree with Steve Watson

  • It’s difficult jobs taxi drivers are doing I think they need bit of more training about how they can look after there customers .what main things they need to pay more attention .
    Council should arrange free training for them
    Make it compulsory so they can compliance .

  • Taxi drivers should be treated like lorry drivers and bus drivers restricting hours of driving some operators doing 16 hour days . They should have tachograph card readers .and the cars that do an emense amount of mileage some in a very short space of time some working round the clock should have services more often and a 6 monthly inspection rather than 12 months . To much monopoly in dewsbury and batley by certain companys you cannot get a taxi on a friday afternoon due to most taxis are now asian owned and friday prays.

  • What i really dislike about taxis is all the ones ive been in all set off before my children and i even get our seatbelts on.. they are too eager to go so they can get onto the next job!!

  • They should be made to drive correctly and park Better and consider other road users

  • Survey not working so would like to add my views here. I don’t like that Batley Birstall Dewsbury taxis have been bought out and merged to now create a monopoly. Taxi companies now feel it is ok to not even offer a service on a Friday for a few hours causing disruption to travel arrangements. Also put prices up and introduced time quarter and half this Friday. Not much alternative in other companies now.

  • Taxi driving is a very difficult job – some of the passengers are not easy to deal with. A taxi driver needs to be an excellent driver and communicator, needs a super knowledge of the area where they are working. They also need protection an easy unobtrusive way of contacting help quickly and easily as required. They also need reasonable skills to understand any problems that may occur with the vehicle they are driving.
    A far as the vehicle is concerned I think they need checking out far more often than annually, these vehicles travel many more miles than the average privately owned vehicle does in the same space of time. And they are responsible for strangers they are carrying. Basic first aid skills may also be useful.

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