Modern slavery could be happening right now in workplaces across West Yorkshire.

West Yorkshire Police have recently launched the 2nd phase of their modern slavery and human trafficking campaign. The focus of this is within the workplace.

The Safer Kirklees Partnership is working closely with businesses and communities to recognise the indicators of modern slavery happening within the workplace.

Modern slavery could be happening right now in workplaces across West Yorkshire. People are trafficked for many reasons, including being forced into working and exploited for their efforts, sometimes under extreme conditions. This is a horrendous crime that we can all play a part in preventing.

Potential indicators include:

  • Is there anyone that works with you who gets dropped off and collected, at the same time each day?
  • Is their movement restricted? Do they appear to be controlled?
  • Have they suggested they don’t know much about their employment? Do they appear isolated or reluctant to talk about their circumstances?
  • Have they suggested that they are getting money removed from their wages for accommodation, travel or food? Or that they are getting paid an extremely low amount for the hours they do?
  • Have they suggested that their wages get paid into someone else’s bank account or someone else controls their account?
  • If anyone from authority has visited your workplace, have you noticed that certain people hide during their visits? Do they appear fearful of them or reluctant to make eye contact or talk to them?
  • Do they show signs of physical injury or psychological trauma, or suggest they have limited or no access to medical care? Do they look malnourished? Do they turn up in the same clothes each day? Do they appear not to have the correct equipment to do their job?


If you think anyone in a workplace is possibly a victim of modern slavery, please contact the Modern Slavery Helpline on: 08000 121 700 or
You can also ring West Yorkshire Police on 101 to report any suspicions or 999 if someone’s life is in immediate danger.

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  • This is an incredibly important issue which is not publicised or concentrated on half as much the black slavery that took place decades, or even centuries ago, by a completely different white generation.
    Why film makers and documentary writers concentrate on the vile practices of the past generations, and not bring the current stories into the public eye, simply offends me. These modern slaves are from all ethnic groups and controlled by all ethnic groups. They are sometimes living in more brutal conditions than slaves of the past thanks to the use of technology.

    It’s time to learn lessons from the past, and start applying them to the here and now. Concentrate on now. It is happening now.
    Action must be taken.

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