Men’s Health Awareness Week: 10 – 16 June

In a few days, on Monday 10 June, Men’s Health Week will be underway. This national campaign, led by The Men’s Health Forum has a different focus each year to highlight important health information about men, for men.

What is the focus this year?

This year it’s all about numbers. The Men’s Health Forum has highlighted seven key numbers and five statistics which all men and boy should know.

What are the key numbers?

 37 – a waist size of 37 inches or above puts you at increased of heart disease, diabetes and cancer
 150 – men should aim for 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week
 5 – we should aim to eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day
 14 – maximum 14 units of alcohol a week
 10 – cigarette smokers die 10 years younger on average than non-smokers
 120/80 – normal blood pressure
 75 – 75% of suicides (3 out of 4) are by men

Interactive resources

The organisation has created a brilliant interactive manual ‘Man MOT- DIY checks and challenges‘ to help men put those key numbers to work and includes do-it-yourself health checks and challenges for men of all ages.

Health by numbers slideshow quiz – this is the perfect, fun way to learn the numbers in a group or individually! It’s an easy-to-use PDF slideshow quiz with 12 key questions about men’s health. The quiz can be played on any screen anywhere, so get together with family and friends or work colleagues and familiarise yourselves with the facts.

Thinking about holding an event during Men’s Health Week?

You can order a set of 12 PDF posters which are easy to print. If you are thinking of holding an event during Men’s Health Week there’s also a poster with a blank space so you can fill in details of your event or fundraiser details.
Get involved online

Follow @MensHealthForum on Twitter and @MFHmalehealth on Facebook to find out more about men’s health, join the conversations and share your own posts. Remember to use the hashtag #menshealthweek

Sign up for Men’s Health Week

To find out more about Men’s Health Forum, the work that they do and to be kept informed on latest news and health tips sign up for alerts.

Do you need urgent help?

If you require more immediate support regarding your mental health please contact Kirklees 24 hour Single Point of Access Team on: 01924 316830

Feeling stressed or anxious contact Kirklees IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) on: 01484 343700


  • Up till now I have run a group for older people in the light of what’s happened how will i ssues relating to health & wellbeing be handled going forward I also am concerned that men don,t always get the right level of support w
    hen they are effected by say a stroke.
    This is probably staying the obvious but men’s health issues need to be addressed in school sò that having information about potential risks will help individuals make informed choices .LET OUR HEALTH BE OUR EEALTH.

  • Men’s health week starts on 10th June and is promoting awareness raising. Sending it out 4 days before is to late. Should’ve been sent at least a month ago to allow time to promote and had reminders. Don’t leave it so late.

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