Ian Catherall- Governor Case Study

Ian utilises the skills he has developed as an architect in his role as a governor at Littletown Junior Infant and Nursery School.

Profession: Architect

School: Littletown Junior Infant and Nursery School

What do you get out of the role?

  • Governance skills that can be applied to business
  • Confidence in speaking at meetings- again useful in business
  • The satisfaction that I am somehow shaping the quality of education for the children

What sparked your interest in becoming a school governor?

I wanted something else to do to keep my brain engaged during the recession.

What projects have you been involved in as a governor?

  • Appointments of Deputy Head & the current head
  • Transferring from a maintained school to a foundation trust, including transfer of assets & The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 process
  • Chairing panels for other schools such as complaint/grievances/dismissal panels

What have you found the most enjoyable/rewarding?

Chairing the complaints panels!

What existing skills have helped you in your role as a school governor?

My background is technical, not pastoral so my skills assist with finance, premises, compliance mentoring etc.

How do you apply to be a school governor?

School governors and trustees make a valuable contribution to children’s education, opportunities and futures. You can apply to become a school governor on the Kirklees Business Solutions website.


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