Revised Street Works Permits

Cabinet Members agreed a proposal to implement a revised roadworks permit scheme at their meeting on 8 October 19.

Why was the proposal agreed?

Currently companies that want to carry out roadworks on the busiest 20% of roads in the Kirklees network need to apply and pay for a permit. We are now required by the Department for Transport to extend the permit scheme to apply to all adopted roads in Kirklees by March 2020.

What does the permit scheme allow us to do?

The permit scheme gives us the power to manage and co-ordinate road works more effectively, and where possible plan in works to take place at the same time in order to minimise delay and disruption for people travelling on the areas roads. This also gives us the opportunity to extend the benefits gained from the existing scheme to cover the whole of the adopted road network.

Will there be any more changes?

In addition to changing what is covered by the permit scheme, we also need to implement a new piece of national software called ‘Street Manager’.  The software aims to modernise how street works and roadworks projects are managed. It needs to be in place by March 2020, we are working to make both changes at the same time.

When will the changes be implemented?

As part of implementing the change,  central government require that we consult stakeholders, including utility companies and the Department for Transport, this will take place in November and December, with the change set to be implemented in the new year.

Cllr Rob Walker, Cabinet member for environment said:

“Over the 5 year period between 1 April 2014 and 31 March 2019 there were on average 12,000 street works per year carried out on our roads, with this many works some disruption is inevitable.  That makes it even more important for us to operate a co-ordinated approach to roadwork planning to make sure we have an effective and efficient transport system, I also welcome this timely opportunity to extend the benefits of the current permit scheme to cover all of Kirklees particularly at a time of significant levels of investment in the districts infrastructure.

An effective transport system is an essential driver of economic growth, connecting businesses with their employees, suppliers with their customers and helps everyone get where they need to go as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

One comment

  • An effective management solution for road works is long overdue. The main arterial routes in/out of Huddersfield have been blighted for years by what appears to be uncoordinated and disruptive works which often appear to make slow progress to completion.

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