Learning Disability Work Week

There are currently 1.5 million people in the UK living with a learning disability.

Did you know that across the UK only 6% of people living with a learning disability that are known to the local authorities are in paid employment? (NHS Digital 2018)

A learning disability is a reduced intellectual ability and difficulty with everyday tasks and activities. To give an example this could be difficulties with household tasks, socialising or managing money – This affects someone for their whole life.

Living with a disability in Kirklees

In Kirklees, we aim to ensure that residents have access to equal opportunities to access work and training opportunities and live more independent lives no matter their ability.

This week in Learning Disability Work Week 2019, we want to take this opportunity to showcase how our staff are supporting residents across the district living with a learning disability, into work.

Watch this space over the next week for success stories of people REAL Employment have supported into work and updates on our growing team!

More information

To talk to our team call 01484 221581 for advice or drop into our Huddersfield and Dewsbury locations.

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