Here for You- Carol’s Story

Here for You provides the opportunity to make a real difference to people’s lives. Carol’s story provides a picture of the impact the project can have in a short space of time on someone’s confidence.

Carol’s story

Carol suffers from epilepsy and has become socially isolated. Her fits can happen at any time without warning leaving her reluctant to leave the house.

With no family nearby and one friend who works full time. She spends all of her time in the house avoiding contact with anyone aside from a close friend. This is due to her anxiety of experiencing an epileptic attack and having no one there to support her.

After meeting Carol a few times to get to know her and provide support, her Here for You Mentor, Steffi felt that she needed to come out of her comfort zone. The first step was to leave the house to help tackle her fears of having a fit in public.

Carol had shown that she has a passion for arts and crafts so Steffi felt it would help with her anxiety by doing something she enjoys. They talked about the possibility of Carol attending a local crafts session to get her out of the house and meet new people. Steffi offered to escort her to the first session and stay with her to make it more comfortable for her knowing someone there already.

On the day of the session, Steffi met Carol near her home and the pair walked to the session. This was above and beyond any support Carol expected to get and gave her the encouragement she needed.

The session was fantastic, as soon as she walked in the people at the session made her feel so welcome, they all showed her the craft pieces that they were working on and she immediately began to engage and ask questions.

The arts and crafts group often raises money for charity. after meeting carol and finding out more about her and her epilepsy they suggested knitting for an epilepsy charity. Carol was overwhelmed at this and excited about doing something for other people as it gave her a sense of purpose.


After the session, Steffi walked Carol home and about halfway home she asked if she could have a go at walking the rest of the way alone. Walking alone is something she hadn’t done within the last 2 years.

She felt that her confidence had been lifted in the last few weeks and that she needed to at least have a go so that she could start moving forward.

After just a few small steps carol started to feel confident in herself. 

Carol said that the afternoon had been fantastic and she couldn’t remember the last time she went anywhere that wasn’t a hospital appointment. She will be going to the session again next week and the group will meet her there.

In just a few weeks Here for You has had a positive impact on Carol’s life, she is brighter, excited about trying new things again and already showing signs that she will be able to lead a more independent life in time.

More information

For more information on here for you call 01484221000 ask for here for you.


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