Transgender Day of Remembrance

Wednesday 20 November 2019 was Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR). The day was initially started in 1999 to remember the murder of a transgender woman, Rita Hester.

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Since 1999, TDoR has been held annually and it has slowly evolved from a web-based project into an international day of action. By 2010, TDoR was observed in over 185 cities throughout more than 20 countries.

Transgender Day of Remembrance is an opportunity for communities to come together and remember transgender people, gender-variant individuals, and those perceived to be transgender who have been murdered because of hate.

Statistics show a total of 3314 trans and gender-diverse people were reported killed in 74 countries between January 2008 and September 2019.

Tackling hate crime within Kirklees

Tackling hate crime, in all forms, remains one of the key priorities within the Kirklees Community Safety Partnership plan. We work with a number of key partners including the Police, Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing, Health, and local communities including elected members to deliver the local strategy. This focuses on the prevention of hate incidents from happening in the first place, whilst providing support and guidance to victims and taking positive action against perpetrators where it does happen.

What is a hate crime?

A hate crime is any crime that is motivated by hostility on the grounds of race, sexual orientation, disability, and religion or transgender identity. Similarly, a hate incident is any incident perceived by the victim or any other person to be motivated by hostility or prejudice based on the person’s race, sexual orientation, disability, religion or transgender identity.

Report a hate crime

To report hate crime contact West Yorkshire Police on 101 or 999

You can also report this to Kirklees Council on 01484 414888

More information

For further information on other ways to report hate crime please visit the hate reporting section on the Kirklees Council website or by visiting the West Yorkshire Police website.

Hate has no place in Kirklees.


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