Stay Safe This Christmas- Vehicle Safety

In the second part of our ‘Stay Safe this Christmas’ campaign, we want to remind everyone of all aspects of vehicle safety.

If you prefer to take to the towns, cities and shopping centres to buy presents for Christmas rather than shop online then it’s important that you keep your car and purchases safe. (If you do enjoy shopping online then make sure you read our previous article, ‘Stay Safe this Christmas – Online’).

Keep them in the boot or they might become loot

Keeping your freshly bought or freshly wrapped gifts on view in your car, can make all your hard work become the hard work of someone else taking a chance at getting into your car: Prevent it with these easy tips:

  • If your car is full with gifts for family and friends, be aware that this is a security risk. Presents should be hidden away from view at all times – lock them away in the boot rather than exposed on seats or displayed in the foot well.
  •  Cover up gifts with a blanket or other less valuable items if you’re already lacking in possible hiding spaces.
  • If you’re making a long journey and stop at services en route, you never know who might be watching vehicles with an opportunistic eye on what’s inside.
  • Once you get to your destination, make sure you unpack the presents as soon as you can instead of leaving them inside the vehicle.

Drink Driving

Our social calendars fill up around the festive period as we celebrate the season with friends and work colleagues. It’s not worth risking your life and the life of others for something that can give you more than just a bad headache in the morning!

Here are a few tips and statistics you should know before the celebrations commence:

  • If you plan on drinking alcohol while celebrating with friends and family, leave the car at home and take a taxi or other forms of public transport at your disposal.
  • Being in charge of a vehicle whilst unfit to do so as a result of drink, can land you a fine of up to £2,500, stay safe don’t bother.
  • If you’re planning on hitting the town, make sure you include ways of getting home in your plans, check timetables of public transport or make sure you have taxi money, come the end of the night.

Last year, During West Yorkshire Police’s enforcement campaign from 1 December, 2018, to 1 January, 2019, there were 284 arrests for drink driving and 92 arrests for drug driving.

The morning after

The dangers of drinking don’t just apply to immediately after a few drinks, driving the day after is a huge risk in its own right.

  • If you’ve been drinking alcohol the night before you may not be sober enough to drive the next morning. The RAC covered this issue last year, with a warning: if you need to think about whether you’re in a fit state to drive, the chances are you’re probably not.
  •  A heavy night of drinking can impair your vision and your reactions the day after, this usually takes a full day to recover from. Rather than taking a risk and driving, just put the fire on and stick on a festive film enjoy time with family and less time on the roads!



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  • barbara rudhforth

    for Christmas shopping take a taxi. Most taxi drivers are obliging and will help you put your shopping in the car.

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