A Letter to My Library

The value of our libraries is incalculable, they make a difference to individuals in our community every single day and will be there for each one of us, no matter our circumstance.

Each library in Kirklees offers a bespoke service to their community. In this series of letters we look to say thank you to all of the staff and volunteers that make up our library teams, and to demonstrate a fraction of the value that their work creates.

Each letter is anonymous to protect the identity of the individuals who have shared their story.

Finding Ways to Cope

To celebrate random acts of kindness day 2020 (Mon 17 Feb) we’re taking a look at a letter from one of our library users.

The fourth instalment of A Letter to My Library tells a story of love, kindness and care. Showing that even in the darkest of times, random acts of kindness can make more of a difference than we know.

I was a carer for my parents and used to bring them to the library for books and a chat. They died a few years ago and I became severely depressed – due to the bereavement, not to mention becoming redundant.

I don’t think I would be alive today without the support and guidance from the team at Kirklees Libraries. 

They helped me with internet searches regarding benefits and heating allowances etc. They suggested hobbies and club I might like – in order to build my confidence and learn new skills.

They always find time for me, and everyone else.

I was given help to find up-lifting books and really enjoyed the coffee afternoons talking to people and making friends. It’s been a life saver! 

The Tree of Kindness

Recently, one of our librarians worked with a local artist to deliver a session focused on Wellbeing and kindness. The particular kindness tree you see below was made in a group session for adults with additional needs.

The tree depicts something that we should all remember: “Happiness branches from the tree of kindness”.

the tree of kindess

Speaking of the event, one of the support workers said:

Thanks for this morning. We love visiting the library and the activity this morning has been really special. Mental health is an important topic, but one we often struggle to discuss in an appropriate way with our group. This activity stimulated conversation and lifted everyone’s mood. We all left feeling very happy!

On this day and every day remember to be kind, and with this we’ll spread happiness everywhere we go.

If you want to learn more about the libraries in Kirklees and how to get involved, pop into your local library and see what they’ve got to offer.

In the meantime, here are some events coming up this week:

Almondbury Library

Knit & Knatter: Every other week, Mondays 2-4pm

Dementia Hub: Every Tuesday 10-3pm (This is a private event, ask you Almondbury Library about getting involved)

Reading Group: Monthly, Thursday 2-3pm

Dewsbury Library

Social Reading Group: Every 2 weeks on Monday from 2-3pm (meeting 17 Feb)

Coffe Plus: Monthly on 3rd Thursday (meeting 20 Feb), come and see who the guest speaker is this month!

Knit & Knatter: Every Thursday 1:45 -3:30pm

Sensory Storytime: Friday 12 Feb 12-3pm

Lindley Library

Coffee Afternoon: Every Thursday 2-4pm

Knit & Natter: Every Thursday 6-7pm

Reader’s Group: Every other week 6-7pm

Rawthorpe and Dalton Library

Knit & Natter: Every Tuesday 10:15am-12:15pm (This is a private event, ask you R&D Library Library about getting involved)

Words in Mind Reading Group: Every Friday 11am-12:15pm

Share your story 

If you have a story of your own that would like to share, let us know in the comments below, or tag @KirkleesCouncil on Twitter. Let’s talk libraries!

Read the next letter in the series. 

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