Investing in you – leading the fight in Kirklees

Councillor Graham Turner is leading on making sure money is invested in the right areas to fight the coronavirus pandemic in Kirklees.

Cabinet Members at Kirklees Council now each have new priorities which focus on the issues that matter most during the coronavirus pandemic such as protecting lives, businesses and communities across the borough.

Several Cabinet Members will also work towards the council’s long-term strategy for the post-Coronavirus era.

Councillor Turner will take the lead role on financial oversight – making sure the council is investing in the most important areas when it comes to tackling coronavirus and its spread.

Councillor Turner said: “We have had to radically change not only the way we deliver services to people across Kirklees but also the way we pay for them. In rapidly changing circumstances, we will need to continue to make quick decisions so that we can prioritise work that will make the biggest impact.

“I will work to make sure we have the resources in place and to support our most vulnerable residents, businesses and people whose circumstances have changed as a result of the disruption.

“We will also need a long term strategy for the future. We will need to take stock of that change to ensure our council delivers value for money well after the crisis is over.”

Read more about the new cabinet priorities.


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