Protecting our staff – leading the fight in Kirklees

The welfare of Kirklees Council staff during the response to the coronavirus pandemic will be Cllr Naheed Mather’s new Cabinet role.

Cabinet Members at Kirklees Council now each have new priorities which focus on the issues that matter most during the coronavirus pandemic such as protecting lives, businesses and communities across the borough.

Several Cabinet Members will also work towards the council’s long-term strategy for the post-Coronavirus era.

Councillor Mather’s new portfolio will be to protect the welfare of Kirklees Council staff.

Councillor Mather said: “The council’s staff are our biggest asset in the fight against Coronavirus. Many of them remain on the front line, supporting our most vulnerable residents and protecting our quality of life. Most of them have gone through major changes to how, where and who they’re working with.

“Some have been redeployed so that people can get the help they need as quickly and effectively as possible. We will need to ensure that our people are working as effectively as possible as the crisis unfolds.

“I want to make sure our people have the right support to make the biggest possible difference out there in the community.

“There is a longer term angle to our work with council staff. The crisis is teaching us every day about how we can do things differently, be more flexible and even more responsive to local needs. I want to make sure we carry those improvements forward into the future.”

Read more about the new cabinet priorities.

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