Supporting our schools, teachers, and children – leading the fight in Kirklees

Education will not slip during the coronavirus pandemic, with Councillor Carole Pattison taking a lead role in supporting schools, teachers, and children.

Cabinet Members at Kirklees Council now each have new priorities which focus on the issues that matter most during the coronavirus pandemic such as protecting lives, businesses and communities across the borough.

Several Cabinet Members will also work towards the council’s long-term strategy for the post-Coronavirus era.

Cllr Pattison’s new Cabinet responsibilities will be to work with schools to maintain services and plan planning for when pupils return to education.

Cllr Pattison said: “Our schools are partially closed but they remain the heart of our communities. They are playing a vital role in protecting and supporting some of our most vulnerable children and those of our amazing key workers. I will support them in continuing that vital service.

“To ensure that all children who should or could be at school or in a nursery are able to find a place, we are operating a brokerage scheme to match the needs of a child with a school.

“The government’s intention is that GCSE, AS and A level results will be issued to this year’s cohort based on a range of evidence and data, including performance on mock exams and non-exam assessment. Transitions from primary to secondary schools, from secondary schools to sixth form colleges and from there to university or other further education, should take place as normal based on these assessed grades in September this year.

“Schools, teachers and council staff are getting on with business as normal where they can and it is necessary. Admission for primary and secondary schools in September have now been announced.

“Once we have beaten the virus, we I will be working with schools get all our children’s education back on track. We need to be thinking about how do we come out of lockdown, what has to happen first and how quickly. This will be occupying everyone’s thinking over the next few weeks.”

Read more about the new cabinet priorities.

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