Working with North Kirklees – leading the fight in Kirklees

 Kirklees Council’s Cabinet members have all been give new responsibilities which focus on tackling coronavirus – with Cllr Cathy Scott leading on support communities and volunteers in North Kirklees.

Cabinet Members at Kirklees Council now each have new priorities which focus on the issues that matter most during the coronavirus pandemic such as protecting lives, businesses and communities across the borough.

Several Cabinet Members will also work towards the council’s long-term strategy for the post-Coronavirus era.

In North Kirklees Cllr Scott will focus on engaging with and supporting the voluntary sector responding to the pandemic and building on these relationships for the future.

Cllr Scott said: “Voluntary and community organisations have shown the best of Kirklees over the past few weeks. They’ve stepped up to support the most vulnerable members of our community and they are doing incredible work every day on behalf of fellow citizens. We want to support them to continue their work, to offer them advice and practical help where it’s needed.

“There’s real community spirit in Kirklees. The council has a big role to play in helping it flourish.”

Read more about the new cabinet priorities.

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