Kirklees Chief Librarian becomes president of national library charity

Carol Stump today becomes President of Libraries Connected, the charity representing the public library sector.

Will Carol retain her position as Chief Librarian at Kirklees Libraries?

She will retain her position as Chief Librarian at Kirklees Libraries whilst taking on new duties to represent the Heads of Library Services across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Crown Dependencies as President of Libraries Connected.

What will Carol be doing as President of Libraries Connected?

The two-year appointment will see Carol share her experience of working in Kirklees Libraries. More recently leading a team of staff that have reacted so well in response to the coronavirus pandemic.  The team has been making calls to elderly library members to make sure they are safe and get the support they need.  They have also linked up with Befriending Partnership to help vulnerable residents combat loneliness in lockdown as well as introducing many services online.

Cllr Graham Turner, Cabinet Member for Corporate is very pleased about Carol Stump’s appointment:

“Carol has led the team at Kirklees Libraries through some very difficult times over the last few years, and is now once again demonstrating her leadership skills all with her team during this coronavirus pandemic.”

This appointment is just recognition of her hard work and commitment to library services, not only in Kirklees but across the country. Through this new role she will be able to help shape the future of libraries as they adapt to a post-Covid19 world, and her expertise will be invaluable in developing national strategy’s to ensure public libraries play their part in whatever comes next, as we ease out of lockdown and move to a different way of delivering services.”

She will be an excellent President of Libraries Connected. I am so pleased for her, and her team at Kirklees, well done Carol.”

Carol Stump, Chief Librarian at Kirklees Libraries and President of Libraries Connected said:

“I am really proud and honoured to be the next President of Libraries Connected.”

I will use my role to build on this narrative, ensuring that libraries are seen as part of the solution to recovery. We are uniquely placed, in the heart of our communities, to support a return to whatever the new normal looks like.”

I would like to see us be ambitious about the library offer going forward, we know there will be increased unemployment, homelessness and poverty. We need to position libraries as a place to rebuild and reconnect. The need for libraries, to help people find new work or start up a new business, or just have space to socialise or have quiet times has never been greater.”

Carol is also playing a key role in combatting loneliness by being part of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport’s Tackling Loneliness Network in her capacity as President of Libraries Connected.


  • Judith Roberts

    Carol Stump sounds great but I think some comments were a bit negative: lets hope that something good can come out of this and that people can be redeployed in a better way – eg there is potential for developing more renewable energy and remaking roads with cycling lanes and old people have a lot to offer; they may seem infirmed and helpless but as any will tell you, ‘underneath they still feel like a twenty-five year old’.

  • Hi Noel, the best way to contact them at the moment is by calling 01484 414868 and a member of the team will be able to help. Or you can always private message them on Facebook or Twitter! 🙂 ^cp

  • Congratulation Carol on another positive position.

  • Its great to hear of the recognition for Carol’s work. I’d love to talk to the library service about offering storytelling to reach out to children and isolated adults. I’m employed by Kirklees council and could make a diffference in these challenging times.

  • Congratulations
    john taylor

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