Kirklees Council in solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Kirklees Council supports those peacefully protesting for equality and will light local landmarks purple as a symbol of solidarity.

On the evening of Friday 5 June town halls across Kirklees as well as Castle Hill in Huddersfield will be lit up purple in the evening.

Kirklees Council is doing this to show its sympathy to the family of George Floyd and in support of Black Lives Matter.

Councillor Shabir Pandor, Leader of Kirklees Council, said: “Racism has no place in Kirklees or anywhere else in the world. Our biggest strength in Kirklees is our diversity and that is something I’m truly proud to be part of.

“I’m deeply disturbed by the death of George Floyd. This has rightly shocked and outraged the world and we at Kirklees Council stand with those who are peacefully protesting.

“We wanted to display this in some way and that is why we will be lighting our town halls purple.

“Our action on Friday is an important symbol of solidarity but we know it needs to be supported by long term action.  Change will only be long lasting if we can build an economy that is inclusive, where children can achieve their potential and where our recovery from the pandemic tackles inequality head on.”


  • Sandra Robinson Quarshie

    Amen 👋🏾👋🏾🙏🏾 I hope so too. As Marvin Gaye said ‘what’s going on’………….

  • Thank you for showing solidarity with peaceful protest. I care very much about equality in our workplace and our community and I am thankful that the Council is speaking out in this way. I hope that as we support recovery from Covid19 we will do more to support our communities who are facing inequality and discrimination. THANK YOU!

  • Hi Steve, we are sorry you feel this way. This isn’t a form of virtue signalling on our behalf. We’re not comfortable with the inequality black people face and the death of George Floyd has highlighted further that we need to make a stand together. ^CP

  • My question is , if a black person had been killed in the same way by a policeman in the UK would Americans have demonstrated in the US at the White House? Would the towns and citys in the US be showing solidarity?I think we know the answers. This is nothing more than virtue signalling.

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