Windrush Day 2020

We have been working with Kirklees Libraries, West Yorkshire Archive and the Jamaican National Council Huddersfield to produce the Kirklees Windrush Day 2020 electronic resource pack

The electronic resource pack includes stories of the Windrush generation, links to reading material/films and activities and ideas of how to celebrate the day.


If you are cooking up a storm in the kitchen, creating bunting with the kids or playing a competitive game of dominoes with the family, please let us know! You can send in your pictures to or tag us in your images on Facebook and Twitter.

What is Windrush Day?

Windrush Day marks the anniversary of the arrival of HMT Empire Windrush at the Port of Tilbury, Essex, on 22 June 1948. The arrival of the Empire Windrush almost 72 years ago marked a significant moment in Britain’s history as those who arrived on the Empire Windrush made a huge contribution to post-war Britain.

For generations, communities have been celebrating and commemorating Windrush Day on 22 June by hosting events and using the opportunity to educate others on the impact of the Windrush generation.

In 2018 the Government announced the first National Windrush Day to encourage more communities across the country to commemorate the Windrush story.


  • Thank you David, We are so glad to hear that you had a go at making this recipe and found the guide useful 🙂 ^CP

  • That’s great – It sounds really tasty! ^CP

  • I tried the spicey Jamaican Cake that our colleague kindly made for the team .. well worth the calories.. was amazing 🙂 thank you

  • David Heathcote

    We made the spicy nutmeg chicken from the Windrush Day pack. It’s absolutely delicious and is now part of our list of favourite recipes!

    Thank you for this fantastic resource. It is wonderful to learn about Windrush Day and we’re really thankful for the contribution and friendship the Windrush generation brings to our community.

  • Louise Muhammad

    Hi Cheryl…KLTV were approached and chose to share the link to ‘Caribbean Through The Lens’ with regards to their contribution to the e-resource for 2020

  • Windrush Generations UK

    A nice vibrant resource pack and well put together. Hopefully next year Kirklees will be willing to ‘Raise The Standard For Windrush’ ( The Windrush flag ) which many other Local authorities and community groups around the country will be flying this year as part of the anniversary and acknowledgment of The Windrush Generation. There is still time ! 🙂

    Once again well done to all involved in the development and production of the Kirklees Windrush Day e-resource pack.

  • We’re glad you found it useful! ^CP

  • Thank you for sharing/circulating the resource pack – interesting and informative – much appreciated! Nicki

  • Louise so kindly left me a lovely goody bag with a recipe for Spicy Nutmeg Chicken. I cooked the Spicy Nutmeg Chicken (Grenada) last Saturday for my daughter and grandchildren. I prepare a takeaway for them every week since the lockdown and this was a real treat for the kids. They absolutely loved and there was really not enough for me and my husband. I will have to now cook again and also try out the “Sorrel”. Thank you Louise

  • It would be good to link up with Kirklees Local Tv and show/have available the programme that they made called Windrush: The Years After – A Community Legacy on FIlm.

  • barbara rushforth

    I remember when the people arrived in uk. They came to fill the gap caused by all the people who had been killed in the war. Many years later they were given a choice of going home, having a British passport or keeping their old one, mainly Jamaican. Some intended to go home eventually and they had a British one and a Jamaican one. Some intended to stay here so opted for a British one. But to do all this needed the services of a solicitor and it must be remembered that in those days 90% of the immigrants could not read or write. Education in the West Indies finished at 11 years old. They were reluctant to admit this and so didn’t take the necessary action concerning their right to stay and to exchange their passports.

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