Coronavirus outbreak: useful information

What has happened?

We have been informed that a number of staff at a business in Kirklees have tested positive for Coronavirus.

As soon as we became aware of this issue, we acted quickly to work with Public Heath England as well as the business and their staff to limit any further potential spread.

Has it been contained?

We are testing the whole workforce and tracing and contacting everyone who is a contact of a positive case.

According to government guidance, the period of self isolation for any contact is 14 days. We will be working with the workplace until that period of time has ended to ensure all the relevant action has been taken.

Why has this happened in Kirklees?

The detection of outbreaks of COVID-19 are now likely to become more common across the country with the introduction of Test and Trace. This case in Kirklees is an early example of this new system being implemented.

Has anyone died as a result of this outbreak?

Our latest information is that no one who has tested positive is seriously ill or has died.

Should I be concerned about this?

Please be reassured that people who might have come into contact with an infected individual will be contacted directly through the test and trace system. We will continue to work with the employer and Public Health England to manage the outbreak.

People in the wider community should continue to follow national government guidance around social distancing, hand washing and to get a test if you have symptoms.

Why can’t we disclose where the outbreak is?

Disclosing the location doesn’t help combat the spread of infection and could actually have a negative impact on us fighting the virus.

We want all businesses to act in the same responsible way as this one has done because it has helped us contain the spread in the fastest way possible.

If we disclose the location and name of any business or organisation we seriously risk discouraging others from coming forward.

We also risk breaching patient confidentiality by disclosing this.

If I know where the outbreak is, surely I can better protect myself?

This isn’t true.

People who might have come into contact with an infected individual, relating to this or any other outbreak or case will be contacted directly.

Everyone needs to continue to socially distance, wash hands regularly for 20 seconds with soap and water and get tested if they have symptoms.

Are schools affected?

The test and trace process would identify contacts of all the cases. If school children are affected they will be self-isolating as part of their bubble to keep schools safe.

Do I need to avoid leaving the house?

No. Providing you have not been contacted and told otherwise, you can continue to leave the house following the latest government advice; you can find that here.

For more information on Coronavirus, click here



  • How will we know if Kirklees has to go into a regional lockdown?

  • So now we know, courtesy of the Independent and it has been kept secret for a number of days.Justify all you like but the Council was wrong.

  • Don’t be ridiculous everyone knows where it is !!!!

  • How can people who may have come in contact with an infected worker, at say the supermarket, be traced and contacted? Lots of people ignore social distancing in shops and push past you or pick things up and put them down again.
    It happens all the time, how can I possibly know if someone who did it to me recently wasn’t a worker at this place?

  • We all know where it is as it has been on Look North!!!!

  • Disclosure obviously Kirklees should be honest and open just like the Government

  • Whilst I understand the reasons for non disclosure you are wrong to say it does not protect you if you know .It must do .

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