Consultation still open for West Yorkshire devolution

Why is filling out this consultation before 19 July so important?

This is a unique opportunity to have your voice heard on a devolution deal which, once it is passed, will affect everyday life in all sorts of ways, including new investment in our towns, the way buses are run, and the election of our first Mayor.

The consultation allows you to say, for each section of the deal, how much you agree or disagree with it, and then to explain why in your own words. This gives you, as a West Yorkshire resident affected by the deal, a direct line to the council leaders and Secretary of State who will implement it if it is agreed.

How do I fill it out?

It takes about 20 minutes to complete, and needs to be completed in a single session. You can do it on a computer or a smartphone.

The deadline is 19 July.

To fill out the consultation, as well as view a summary of the deal and a list of frequently asked questions, visit West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

If you are unable to use the online form, you can write to the freepost address WY Devolution Consultation, or phone 0800 141 3657 to discuss alternative forms of participation such as large print, Braille, or other languages.

What’s in the devolution deal?

The West Yorkshire devolution deal will see the creation of a West Yorkshire Mayor, to be elected for the first time in May 2021, working with the Combined Authority.

In addition to significant funding, the deal announced in the Government’s Budget on 11 March 2020, gives West Yorkshire far greater decision-making powers allowing the region to set its own priorities including ensuring a vibrant future for towns and rural areas while securing the economic success of cities.

The deal is set to drive up living standards through better transport, improved skills and stronger businesses, while tackling the climate emergency has been secured for West Yorkshire.

In the coming years, the West Yorkshire Mayor will also exercise governance and community safety functions currently held by the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, similar to models in London and Greater Manchester. The planned Police and Crime Commissioner election in May will go ahead as planned.

What will happen with the consultation?

When the consultation closes on 19 July 2020, the responses will be collated and analysed by Ipsos MORI, who will present a report to the councils that make up the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, including Kirklees.

The councils and WYCA will then make a decision about whether or not to submit the scheme set out in the deal. Any recommendations which come out of this discussion process will be presented to the Secretary of State before they set out the legislation to create a mayoral combined authority and call for an election for our new Mayor.

Who is involved?

It comes as a result of extensive negotiations between the Leaders of West Yorkshire Councils and Communities Minister Simon Clarke supported by officers from West Yorkshire authorities and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

Councillor Shabir Pandor, Leader of Kirklees Council said:

“It’s so important that Kirklees residents take the time to engage with the devolution proposals, and share their thoughts through this consultation.

This deal will shape the future of our region for generations to come, so myself and my colleagues at the other West Yorkshire councils are very concerned to hear from residents about any views they may have on any aspect of what is proposed.

As well, the needs of people in Kirklees may be different to the needs of people in other parts of the region, so a robust response from Kirklees residents is needed to ensure the discussion and any amendments are representative of our region’s diversity.

I’m proud to have been one the council leaders working together in collaboration on this deal for West Yorkshire. Throughout the process I have been fighting for the very best outcome for Kirklees and to make sure we get the best deal possible for our residents.

But to make sure we get that deal, I need your help. It is essential that you fill out the consultation before the deadline of 19 July. I look forward to reading all of your contributions, and being your advocate in the discussions with the other councils in the Combined Authority, and the Secretary of State.”


  • Thank you. I want to see a change and go for West Yorkshire Mayor. This is because then the big budget decision is made locally for local residents and ever West Yorkshire area can benefit from that. The local area improvement can be done.

  • Mrs Ann Kaye - Howard

    We are a very big county and need to decide on our own planning, developments and other issues which concern using green belt land.
    West Yorkshire is already over populated and strict measures need to be put in place to stop our beautiful county becoming a total housing estate with lack of green space and no increased infrastructure in place, as budgets not stretching to the demands. Rural communities need protection from over developments. Rural areas don’t have the representation to allow their opinions to be taken into account, as they are classed as part of a metropolitan authority, such as kirklees, includes, batley huddersfield dewsbury and completely rural areas of Holme Valley, Colne Valley and the interests of the rural areas are always disregarded. Therefore West Yorkshire should be split into separate authorities for the urban and rural areas respectively.

  • Michael Carlton

    Yorkshire in its entirety should be devolved as one.

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