COVID-19: Local data

New data will be released by Government tomorrow which gives us clearer local numbers on COVID-19 test results.

Public Health England previously only published local data that includes test results from swab tests in labs, tests in NHS hospitals and health and care worker test results – known as Pillar 1 data.

However, local data to be released tomorrow, now includes results of all other tests, which can be performed at testing centres, at home or in other settings. This is known as Pillar 2 data and combined with Pillar 1 this gives us the overall figures for people who have been tested in Kirklees.

We really welcome this and have been requesting to be able to share it as this will give us a much clearer picture of the levels of infection here in Kirklees.

The inclusion of Pillar 2 data will add a significant number of positive tests to the existing Pillar 1 data for Kirklees. It’s important to note that whilst it might appear as though infection rates are now higher, that is not the case. More people are just being tested, in particular those with less severe cases that may not have been tested previously.

Is there going to be a local lockdown?

At this point that is not the case in Kirklees. If you take Leicester as an example, their infections are more than four times as high as Kirklees. But there is no room for complacency. Everyone needs to keep following the guidance on staying safe to keep numbers as low as possible.

Public safety is the number one priority as always and we will continue to monitor the situation locally.

Everyone in Kirklees should continue to socially distance, wash hands regularly for 20 seconds with soap and water and get tested if they have symptoms. You can find all the latest advice on staying safe during the pandemic here.


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