We urge residents to enjoy socialising safely as pubs and restaurants begin to re-open

We’re encouraging people to have a good time whilst staying safe as pubs, cafes and restaurants reopen this weekend.

Like the government, we are keen to support businesses to re-open and make sure the local economy recovers and comes back stronger.  However, for this to happen, it is essential that the pandemic is controlled.  This means businesses, staff and customers all need to get used to a new normal in the way that we socialise.

We will be using social media to promote things you can do to make sure you stay safe and have a great time this weekend and in the future.

What kind of advice would be available? 

The advice for customers includes checking whether your favourite bar or restaurant is open,  how many people it’s letting in and whether you need to book before you set off.  They say customers should expect to queue in many places as capacities are reduced, and they may find some places only accept advance table bookings or are opening at different times,  or just waiting to see how things go before opening at all.

You’ll also need to know who you can meet up with where,  for example, you can only socialise inside with members of your own household or bubble and one other household. But outside you can meet with members of your own household or bubble, or as a group of 6 people from different households.

Cllr Musarrat Khan, Cabinet member for Health said:

“We know that social distancing will be essential if venues are to stay safe,  so please stay 2 metres apart whenever you can.  If you have to get closer you can reduce that to 1 metre, but should consider wearing a mask, keeping the interaction as short as possible and avoid face to face contact. The best way to protect yourself is still to keep your hands clean. Bring your own hand sanitiser or use what is provided, and wash your hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds whenever you can.  As part of track and trace, it is important that you share your contact details when asked, so the NHS can let you know if you might have caught COVID-19. “

What changes can you expect to see?

Customers should expect lots of changes to how venues look, from one way systems to Perspex screens. And they’ll sound different too, there won’t be any live sport or music, and the speakers will be kept low to discourage shouting, singing and dancing which could all help the virus spread.

As more premises will be offering outdoor drinking or selling alcohol to take away you need to consider the impact on the people around you,  some areas have public space protection orders so you won’t be allowed to drink in them, and even if they don’t you should be aware of the amount of noise you making upsetting people who live nearby.  Littering is never acceptable but it’s even more important to throw your rubbish and empties in a bin during a pandemic.  If they’re full please take them home.

We are also working closely with the West Yorkshire Police to make sure people stay safe and sensible in the recovery period:

Tim Kingsman, Assistant Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police, said:

“Throughout the lockdown period, we have continued to engage with the public and explain our approach, which has been received across our communities with significant support. As we head into the next phase, we will again be relying on this relationship to ensure the safety of businesses and shoppers, particularly in our major cities.

“We have been working closely with our partners and across the commercial sector to ensure that as things change, this is achieved in the safest way possible. With this in mind, we will be deploying the level of patrols to match the increased numbers of people out and about, but this will essentially amount to business as usual.  If issues arise, we have the necessary resources in place to manage and respond to any eventuality.”

Hospitality Safety Tips Infographic - July 2020

Hospitality Safety Tips Infographic – July 2020

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  • As pubs and restaurants are slowly opening these days, people are asked to maintain proper social distancing and safety for themselves. Thank you for sharing it with us. Keep sharing.

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