We’re giving even more support to local foster families

We have set up a new scheme to give even better help to foster families and the children in their care.

What is the new scheme? 

In addition to all the training and extra support already received by carers in Kirklees, we are now providing laptops and other IT equipment to fostering households.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, it had already been agreed that carers would receive a device of their choice so that communication and links with the council would be further enhanced.

After lockdown started and learning became a mix of in-school and online, the offer was widened to foster children – helping some of the most vulnerable young people in local communities to use new equipment for their education.

Kirklees is thought to be one of the first councils in the region to introduce the scheme. Around 220 devices are being delivered to foster homes and it’s planned that new people will be offered similar support when they become carers.

Councillor Viv Kendrick, Cabinet member for Children, said:

“We’re always looking for new ways to work with foster carers and make sure our children and young people can enjoy the best possible start in life. Investing in equipment such as laptops and tablets will make a lasting difference, ensuring our support for these families becomes even stronger.

The idea came from our discussions with the Kirklees Fostering Network, who make a vital contribution to the local fostering community. This scheme will make further improvements to the way we support foster carers and, at a time when Covid-19 has disrupted the education of so many pupils, it will really help children in care with their learning.”

Find out more

The devices for carers and children have been introduced by the Kirklees fostering service and also the Kirklees virtual school, which oversees and promotes the education of children in care. The devices are in addition to all the IT equipment we are providing to other groups of children and young people. You can read more about that on our previous story.

We always want to hear from people who are interested in fostering. All the information you need is available on our dedicated fostering web pages.

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