Council to invest £799k in new library building for residents of Birkby & Fartown

We will approve funding for a new build library in Birkby Fartown.

How the building will be used?

The new £799k building will have full disabled access and its design is dementia friendly.  It will feature dedicated areas for children; study; Self Service as well as IT provision and a community garden.

The internal layout is designed to be flexible to accommodate activities and special events, and can be used for multiple purposes including for polling during elections.

Support for children and adults

A site near Birkby Junior School has been selected for the new library building which will be crucial in the development of children’s reading through a series of engaging programmes. Adults will be supported to feel more confident with their own reading; there will be promotion for healthy lifestyles as well as work placement and volunteering opportunities.

The library will also support the school curriculum through the selection of its books and will provide a safe space in which to learn.

Councillor Graham Turner, Cabinet Member for Corporate said:

“We have exciting plans to introduce a community library in Birkby Fartown and I am delighted with the announcement of this investment.

“Our libraries are the focus point of many communities in Kirklees and it’s vital that we invest in these community assets so that residents can reap the benefits of a community library.

“As a cabinet and council we have made a commitment to invest in our library service and its buildings, and this is the first part of our investment plans.  I am proud that I have been able to help facilitate the first purpose built library for many years, and I am sure that the residents of Birkby will look forward to taking advantage of this exciting new facility. By making this investment we can provide support for the future development of our children so they can aspire to be the best they can be.”

What are the timescales for construction? 

Building works are due to commence in November with completion planned for spring 2021.


  • Excellent news . I remember our Community centre there and our Community worker. Hope this will be backed up witht he appropriate staffing.
    Brian Pearson

  • Should be described as Birkby/Edgerton library,as Fartown will be almost as near to the main library in town.
    The public discussion about this project seems to have been so public that this is the first time I’ve heard any details.
    Seems a lot of money in the present circumstances,and especially when there seems to be questions about the viability of our main library with the reduced patronage and usage it’s experiencing.
    As a regular user and supporter of our library system,I’m not convinced of the necessity,or timeliness,of this project.

  • Why didn’t you say its in birkby!!! Not fartown!

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