Council launches consultation on home design and extensions

The public have an additional two weeks to comment on guidance published by Kirklees Council that will encourage a higher standard of design of residential developments in the area.

This detailed guidance, found on Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD), is intended to be used early in the design, layout and planning of all new residential developments. This includes proposals for new homes, apartments, student housing, home extensions and alterations.

The Local Plan

Underpinning the Local Plan that outlines the future development of the local area, the documents provide an expected standard on everything from the quality of housing design to, in the case of large developments, the inclusion of new and improved open spaces.

They help to ensure good quality housing design that retains the attractive and distinctive features of an area, as well as environmental measures that address the conservation of biodiversity and the impacts of climate change.

‘Quality Places’ consultation

The six week ‘Quality Places’ consultation gives people the chance to comment on four documents;

  1. Housebuilders Design Guide SPD,
  2. House Extensions and Alterations SPD,
  3. Open Space SPD and
  4. Biodiversity Net Gain Technical Advice Note.

Once adopted, schemes will be required to comply with the guidance.

Cllr Peter McBride, Cabinet Member for Regeneration said:

“Supplementary planning documents, and the guidance they contain, help us to deliver benefits and improvements to make the area even better for our local communities. They create an essential framework that supports our Local Plan for the future development of the area, helping us to achieve well designed, quality places whilst conserving and enhancing the natural and historic environment, and managing climate change.

Anyone who wants to adapt or change their home, or to build new homes, will need to use the supplementary planning documents so it’s important to get them right before we introduce them, which is why we’re asking for your comments now.

Early use of supplementary planning documents to influence quality home design could help to provide a smoother process at the planning application stage, as we consider these documents as part of our decision making processes.”

When does the consultation launch? 

The consultation launches on Monday 19 October. In order to give as many people as possible the chance to take part, the closing date has been extended to Monday 14 December 2020.

Read the documentation and take part online.


  • I believe there is a need for more allotments as they are a source of promoting Healthy eating , healthy exercise and would help reduce a burden on the NHS.

  • barbara rushforth

    what happened to starter homes? 2 beds/ bathroom, kitchen and sitting room. And a garden. Then as your family grew and your finances improved you moved to a bigger one thus freeing up that one for a new young family or an older couple downsizing. But in those days we didn’t have a car so didn’t need a garage.. .

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