“We believe the current restrictions reflect our local circumstances” – Kirklees’ cross-party statement

Commenting on continuing discussions with government on COVID-19 restrictions, Kirklees’ cross-party Outbreak Control Board have made the following statement:

“Tier two restrictions are the best route to bringing down infections, saving lives and supporting livelihoods in Kirklees. We believe the current restrictions reflect our local circumstances and offer the best chance of achieving the public consent that is essential in making any restrictions work.


“We are under no illusions. Kirklees is on the edge. What happens over the next few days and weeks will decide our freedoms and the serious consequences of losing even more of them. That is why we are asking the government to make the right call. At the same time we are asking local people to take all the action necessary to protect themselves, their families and their neighbours. The virus spreads as easily today as it did back in March. The way we live our lives needs to reflect that.


“Infection rates in Kirklees have been rising sharply over the last few weeks. But the latest data show signs that the increase might be levelling off. We all need to seize this opportunity to bring rates down to preserve our freedoms, protect the NHS and save lives. With time and government support on improving contact tracing and our work with communities, we are confident that we can flatten the curve again.


“Unlike other local authorities, which are now in tier three, Kirklees hasn’t seen exponential increases in infections. During the summer, our infection rates were in the top four local authorities in England. We are now in the top forty. Our work in communities and the sacrifices made by local people and businesses over the past few months show that we can get the virus under control if we work together.


“There has never been a more important time for everyone in Kirklees to step up and look out for each other. Social distancing, face coverings and hand washing are even more essential now than they were during lockdown. If we are going to mix with people outside our household, we need to make sure we do it outdoors and in groups of no more than six. With winter fast approaching and pressures on the NHS increasing, we simply cannot risk infection spreading through families, generations and communities.”

On behalf of Kirklees Council’s Outbreak Control Board:

  • Councillor Shabir Pandor, Leader of Kirklees Council
  • Councillor David Hall, Conservative Group Leader
  • Councillor John Lawson, Liberal Democrat Group Leader
  • Councillor Andrew Cooper, Green Party Group Leader
  • Councillor Charles Greaves, Leader of the Independent Group
  • Member of Parliament Batley and Spen: Tracy Brabin MP
  • Member of Parliament Colne Valley: Jason McCartney MP
  • Member of Parliament Dewsbury: Mark Eastwood MP
  • Member of Parliament Huddersfield: Barry Sheerman MP


  • Hi Stephen, we are actively carrying out Kirklees wide campaigns reinforcing government guidelines to all residents through our various channels, additionally we are working directly with communities and residents providing support, guidance and clarity where possible. You can read about the weddings venues that were ordered to close on Kirklees Together: https://kirkleestogether.co.uk/2020/10/09/three-wedding-venues-told-to-close/ Thank you ^EMT

  • Please explain what has been done ‘on the ground’ in the localities within the borough with the highest caseloads over the last 16 weeks. Also, what precise action was taken with the illegally operating wedding venues and their clients that was publicised recently.

    PS I keep trying to comment etc via this website but have no evidence of posting, attention or responses etc and conclude that the council do not like questions that challenge their status quo.

  • Why are councils and MPs pushing for a circuit breaker as recommended in the SAGE report? At the same briefing Johnson announced these new standardised restrictions, his Scientific advisors said it definitely wouldn’t work. A national circuit breaker is required according to SAGE to give the government chance to correct their failing test, track and trace system.

    If the government is as serious about education as they suggest they are… with all this rhetoric about children being in school and schools being the last thing the country will close; why are they not imposing a national lockdown before Friday so the NHS has chance to set up an effective track and trace which is run by them and not the likes of Serco? Why not close schools for 2 weeks for half term? It’s time the government put public money back into public services and their citizens. Failure to impose a lockdown will mean one further down the line. Actions speak louder than words; is education really a priority? Is getting the virus under control a priority? By Friday, we will know!

  • It is nice to see that there are members of each party discussing the current pandemic circumstances. However, I would like to see these party member discussing Kirklees problems after the pandemic is over so to get Kirklees back on its feet

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