Kirklees’ cross-party message to Government on COVID-19 restrictions

With discussions with Government on COVID-19 restrictions ongoing, Kirklees’ cross-party Outbreak Control Board has made the following joint statement.

“Rising infection rates in Kirklees and the pressure that is having on the NHS is something we must take seriously, and we need to do all we can to improve this situation so we can save lives. However, we do not believe Tier 3 restrictions are the best way for us to do this.


“The closure of our pubs and bars will have a devastating impact on our economy and people’s livelihoods, and we have not seen the evidence that this will directly impact on infection rates.


“We instead need to continue the work we are doing at a local level, on the ground, in our communities. We are already seeing positive results from this work, with Kirklees now having the lowest rates in West Yorkshire. We’re urging the Government to give us more resources to build on this.


“We’re concerned about the mental health of people in Kirklees, many of whom have been under local restrictions since July. Preventing people from visiting each other’s gardens will be a big blow during what is already a very difficult time.


“We also do not feel comfortable agreeing for Kirklees to enter Tier 3 without any indication of how we get out of these restrictions and how long they will last.


“For these reasons, Kirklees’ Outbreak Control Board has unanimously agreed to urge the Government not to place Kirklees in Tier 3 and to instead let us build on the work we’re doing to prevent the spread of the virus locally.”

 On behalf of Kirklees Council’s Outbreak Control Board:

  • Councillor Shabir Pandor, Leader of Kirklees Council
  • Councillor John Taylor, Conservative Group Deputy Leader
  • Councillor John Lawson, Liberal Democrat Group Leader
  • Councillor Andrew Cooper, Green Party Group Leader
  • Councillor Charles Greaves, Independent Group Leader
  • Member of Parliament Batley and Spen: Tracy Brabin MP 
  • Member of Parliament Colne Valley: Jason McCartney MP 
  • Member of Parliament Dewsbury: Mark Eastwood MP 
  • Member of Parliament Huddersfield: Barry Sheerman MP 





  • This will be the final nail in the coffin of lots of small businesses and the loss of vital facilities within our communities it’s time the government listened DO NOT Put us in TIER 3

  • Sensible statement for me. Asking for proper scientific evidence from Central Government is a an absolute must. Being bullied into submission is a no no. Recognising the extended issues of a tier 3 lockdown including mental health and multiple business collapses is totally commendable. Could you add to the statement , if people want to self isolate then they are totally free to do so. Why do they feel the need to be told to do it by Central Government? Freedom of choice is integral to the democracy of the UK.

  • Well done Kirklees nice to see all partys working together.

  • Good to see cooperation. Good luck with the initiative.

  • I agree with this approach. We have only just entered tier two so it would take up to two weeks to see any difference that this has made so I hope Government listen to their local councils

  • I think the councillors are wrong in a fantasy land. Your local work so far has failed miserably despite many of us offering information about irresponsible people mixing and having parties. You did nothing choosing to protect your own employees against the health and lives of those who pay to have you there from which ever party. This is not a political issue its a health issue – it does not matter what party you are from – your council officers and professional are quite simply out of their depth led by Alexandra Garry – sack her and get someone in who knows what they are doing. People are dying and rates here are rising and you seem led by your own EH Department ill equipped and ill prepared. Councillors doing an in effective job for what they are elected to do. I speak from experience both in qualification and personal experience.

    Also as a local business man I also know how extreme the measure are on reducing my income but lives of my love ones are much more important than money. Get into tier 3, get some extra financial support from the government, use this wisely and enforce the regulations rigorously. For me put a full curfew in place like France from 9pm to 7am. We might just get this virus back under control. Take the big decisions, provide leadership and do what you are employed and elected to do – manage the health and security of the people who put you there no matter who you are.

  • Christine Pattinson

    Please enlighten us, explain exactly what you are doing locally and exactly how it is working, details please.

    Is ‘go it alone’ a good thing? Arent the government meant to help us all? Why do the powers that be believe we can break away from government nation wide restrictions? What if funds are not forthcoming from government? Will Kirklees cope?

    There are so many questions which need aswering.

    I have through choice isolated myself since the beginning and I dont care what kirklees with or without the government does! Just sort out this mess. We get mixed messages all the time. It is very confusing.

    Stop talking, ACT


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