COVID-19 rates in Kirklees rising significantly

Covid 19 data update

Kirklees Council’s Director of Public Health has issued a stark warning to the whole borough, with rates of COVID-19 and the number of deaths now rising significantly and pressure growing on health services.

The latest data shows that in the last seven days 515 per 100,000 people in Kirklees tested positive for COVID-19, compared to last week when it was 406 per 100,000 people.

There were 2,262 positive COVID-19 cases in the borough over the last seven days with cases in every single ward. This means that Kirklees now has the 13th highest rates in the country. You can view all the data on the online dashboard.

Sadly, 18 people in Kirklees died of a COVID-related death in the last week*. In October 2020, 50 people died which is more than any of the previous four months combined. In total, 107 Kirklees people have been admitted to hospital in the week up to 26 October*. *These figures are from hospitals in Kirklees, Wakefield or Calderdale.

Alongside the rest of England, Kirklees is now under new lockdown restrictions. More information about local restrictions.

Rachel Spencer-Henshall, Strategic Director for Public Health at Kirklees Council said: “COVID-19 is currently spreading quickly in Kirklees and our rates are now the 13th highest in the country, with more than 2,000 people in the last week becoming infected.


“These are high numbers, and ultimately they mean more people in hospital and more people losing their lives. If our rates continue to increase at the rate they currently are, we seriously risk our health services reaching a tipping point. We can turn this around, but we all have to step up and play our part.


“It doesn’t matter where in Kirklees you live, your role in this is crucial, because every ward in Kirklees is reporting infections and they are continuing to rise.


“On November 5, England went into a national lockdown and the best way we can all help to ease pressure on the NHS and save lives is by following the new guidance and reducing our contact with other households to an absolute minimum for the time-being.


“In addition to this, social distancing from those outside of your household, wearing a face covering, washing your hands regularly and isolating if you have symptoms all significantly reduce your chances of being infected or infecting someone else.


“We know how difficult this lockdown period will be, but the togetherness and strength Kirklees has shown throughout this pandemic already is what will continue to get us through this. Please look out for each other, as you always do, and thank you for playing your part.”


  • Hello, please email and a member of the team will be able to help. Thanks ^EMT

  • The Government have been brilliant at keeping us updated regarding Covid-19. I can’t say the same of Kirklees Council or Kirklees Public Health. What exactly are you physically doing about it. Savile Town is the 3rd highest area in the country for Covid cases. What action are you taking to get the number of cases down. I do feel that you are out of your depth and that it would be better for all concerned if Central Government took over the council.

  • Is there a helpline number/contact anywhere I can ask a specific question? I can’t find the info on the Government website. Thanks

  • Hello, There is a list of the businesses and venues that are permitted to stay open. You can see the full list of the businesses that can stay open here if you see a business that’s open that doesn’t meet the criteria please do let us know and our team will look into it at Thanks ^CP

  • I thought we were in Lockdown, B&Q open, Home Bargains Open, B & M Open, non of these shops sell anything that’s important so why are they open.

  • Heather Whitehead

    I don’t understand why it’s so dammed hard for people to behave and follow the rules/guidelines, if we carry ok like this lockdown, no lockdown for several years, but a government health official said “we will be battling Coronavirus for at least four years” we may never be “normal” again, everyone has a responsibility to get us through this. I understand lots don’t like Boris, but this is much bigger than Boris or anyone.

  • Thanks for the clear information and warning. The more messages we get like this the better

  • You mention COVID related death. Is that the same as the Gov measurement as in anyone who tested positive in the last 28 days ??

    If this is the case then I personally want to know why we are fudging the COVID mortality figures.

    While all areas may be recording an increase surely some are worse then others again why not name/highlight which areas are better or worse, what do you have to hide?

  • It’s not a national lock down it’s tighter restrictions,thanks to all the irresponsible students,protesters,not me people etc

  • Thank you for the information and all you and your teams are doing in very challenging circumstances

  • Jacqueline Murray

    Residents of Kirklees have a big part to play in halting the rise in positive tests.
    Having said that my husband had an appointment at pontefract hospital this morning,we were there 2 hours having tests ready for cataract surgery, only to be told by the last nurse he saw operations were been cancelled from monday. Not only was it a waste of our and the nursing staff time ,unnecessary people attending hospital at such an important time could /should have been avoided.
    We had had one appointment for yesterday cancelled ,why did the NHS appointment system allow this to happen .

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