Statement from Kirklees Council Leader, Shabir Pandor

Councillor Shabir Pandor, Leader of Kirklees Council, has responded to the reduction in the allocation of COVID-19 vaccine to West Yorkshire.

“It’s absolutely crucial that the most vulnerable and at-risk people in Kirklees receive their vaccine as soon as possible. So, I’m absolutely stunned to hear that West Yorkshire’s allocation is to be halved, and that some of these vaccines have been allocated to other areas outside West Yorkshire.

“If London’s numbers need boosting, it should not come at Kirklees’ detriment. Our communities have already been adversely impacted by this pandemic and this decision further highlights this Government’s disconnect with the North.

“Our health and social care system is working extremely hard and has developed a very efficient and effective way of delivering the vaccines. This is a positive and we need to build on that rather than curtail its progress – that could slow down the rate and speed of how fast we are vaccinating the priority groups.

“Our doctors, nurses and pharmacists, as well as the dedicated volunteers, are doing an outstanding job in Kirklees and they deserve more than this.

“I’m urging the Government to reconsider this and think carefully about the impacts it might have on our plan to vaccinate the first four priority groups by 15 February. As Leader I will do everything I can to support the Government to deliver this target and I ask them to continue they supply us with all the vaccines in the timescales they have set.”