Supporting town centre businesses to follow lockdown restrictions

Council staff will be out across the whole of Kirklees this weekend ensuring local businesses are following national lockdown rules and helping to keep residents safe.

Kirklees Council officers will be visiting all town centres across the borough on Saturday 30 January – Sunday 31 January, visiting the local businesses able to open during lockdown to ensure they have everything they need in place to keep customers safe.

The team will also be making sure that any businesses that should be closed during lockdown, are not open in breach of the rules, as they visit all Kirklees town centres.

If you are aware of a business that is breaking lockdown rules, contact Kirklees Council’s COVID-19 Response Line on 01484 226919.

Councillor Paul Davies, Cabinet Member for Culture and Greener Kirklees, said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has been an incredibly tough period for the majority of businesses, particularly during periods of lockdown. Local businesses are a crucial part of our economy and communities, and we are continuing to do everything possible to support them throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We don’t want any local business to have to close or to operate under restrictions that ultimately impact their success. But public health has to be the number one priority and these rules have been put in place by Government to save lives, so it’s crucial we all take them seriously.

“I want to thank businesses across Kirklees for following the restrictions and doing everything you can to prevent the spread of the virus and keep people safe.

“We have a responsibility to make sure local businesses are complying to the restrictions in place and our officers will be out in our town centres to make sure they have all the information and support they need to do this.

“I urge anyone to contact us if you do know of a business that is not complying with lockdown rules or any other COVID-19 guidance. This is something we take very seriously and will take necessary action if we need to.

“I’m also urging people not to visit, or use, any business that is operating in breach of the lockdown rules. If you do, you are putting your own health, and your family’s, at risk and you could also be fined too.

“The best way we can all play our part is to stay at home. Only leave your home for essential reasons and for exercise and don’t mix with other households. Please remember that the basics – such as hand-washing, social-distancing, wearing a face covering and getting tested if you have symptoms – are still a key way we can reduce infections.”

If you’re a local business owner, you can visit for more information on access to grants and other support.

Visit Kirklees Council’s website for more information on COVID-19 restrictions.