Kirklees Flags To Fly At Half-mast To Reflect On Anniversary Of Pandemic

Union flags will fly at half-mast on town halls across Kirklees on Sunday (31 January) as we mark a year since the first Coronavirus cases were confirmed in the United Kingdom. Since those first cases were confirmed, more than 100,000 people have died as result of the virus in the UK, including more than 700 people in Kirklees.

All 69 Kirklees councillors will also observe a minute’s silence at the start of the next Council Meeting on 10 February to reflect on the suffering caused by the pandemic and honour those who have worked tirelessly to protect each other.

Leaders of Kirklees Council’s five political groups reflected on the anniversary in a joint statement:

“On Sunday, it will be a year since the first Coronavirus case was identified in Britain. We remember all those who have died and lost friends and loved ones. We pay tribute to the sacrifices made by so many in Kirklees, and across the country, to protect their families and communities.

The crisis has been long and painful for so many people. But we look forward to the next twelve months with hope and we express our gratitude to all those who continue to serve on the frontline, support their community and have shown the very best of our society.”


Cllr Shabir Pandor – Leader of the Labour Group and Leader of Kirklees Council

Cllr David Hall – Leader of the Conservative Group

Cllr John Lawson – Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group

Cllr Andrew Cooper – Leader of the Green Group

Cllr Charles Greaves – Leader of the Independent Group