Kirklees Councillor Standards Survey – we want your views

As a councillor led organisation our councillors are vital in representing both the council and their constituents.

In voting for local councillors, residents place successful candidates in positions of responsibility and trust and Kirklees Council is committed to ensuring councillors work to the appropriate standards when carrying out their duties and responsibilities.

This consultation forms part of a piece of work we are doing looking at our current standards process for elected councillors, including town and parish councillors, and we want your views on your experiences of engaging with councillors and your expectations about how they should behave.

It is important that we hear from you, as your views are critical in ensuring the standards process maintains the confidence of the people of Kirklees.

We want to know your views

The Kirklees Councillor Standards Survey will take around five minutes to complete and all information received will be treated confidentially in line with our Privacy Notice.

Please let us have your views before Monday 8 March 2021.