Is Today the Day? – No smoking Day 2021

The 10 March 2021 marks ‘No Smoking Day’. Last year during lockdown, one million people quit smoking and now you can too.

New research shows that those ex-smokers will now be feeling happier and more positive than if they were still smoking.

We don’t often talk about the benefits of quitting to mental health, but just as it improves your physical health, stopping smoking can also help us to feel less stressed and improve our mental wellbeing.

Withdrawal can be tough, but with help, you can come out the other side feeling happier, healthier, and wealthier too.

Kirklees Council offers free Stop Smoking Support across the district in 28 GP practices, 7 pharmacies and 6 community providers including the Wellness Service.

The Wellness Service offer support on an individual basis to help adults aged 18+ reach their personal wellbeing goals.

Get local stop smoking support

Call the wellness service on 01484 234 095, or email the team at

Or find a stop smoking provider that’s right for you.

All Kirklees Stop Smoking Services have remained open throughout the pandemic and continue to provide 12 weeks of FREE behavioural support which includes:

  • tips and advice on how to stop smoking
  • telephone appointments
  • district wide clinics, with appointments available Monday to Friday
  • prescriptions for nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), such as Gum, Inhalers, patches (free if exempt)
  • Champix GP referral letter

You can also find support from the NHS with their Smokefree App and help to create your own personalised quit smoking plan.

Your stop smoking journey starts here!


Step 1

Request Stop Smoking Support from a service of your choice.



Step 2

Complete your pre-quit assessment with a trained staff member.


Step 3

Agree a quit date!


Step 4

Begin your 12 weeks of FREE one-to-one support.



Step 5

And breathe…

Live life smokefree!