Listening to people’s experiences of waiting for a planned care procedure

The West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership is looking for local people to join a new citizens’ panel and share their personal experiences of waiting for elective surgery or a planned care (routine) medical procedure.

Can you help?

This virtual citizens’ panel of volunteers will support communications around the strategy for restoring planned care services across West Yorkshire and Harrogate.

The Partnership is looking for adults who are currently on the waiting list for a planned care procedure, or who have a close connection with an adult or child who is waiting, to get involved.

The Planned Care Citizens’ Panel will be in place for 12 weeks from 21 June to 10 September 2021, with meetings taking place online every two weeks. The panel will represent people of all age groups, ethnicities, genders and with experience of different health conditions.

Hearing how people have been affected by delays to planned care as a result of the pandemic, how they are managing their symptoms whilst waiting and what activities or support services they are finding helpful will be invaluable as the healthcare system works to restore services and address the backlog.

More information

There’s more information about this new citizens’ panel and how people can apply (by 23 May) on the Planned Care Citizens’ Panel web page.