Kirklees Council’s Green Enforcers make September pay as they clean up on offenders

fly tipping mess

Our Greenspace Action Team (GAT) has received high praise for recouping the substantial costs it incurs tackling anti-social fly-tipping, littering, and waste problems across the Borough.

The excellent enforcement outcomes last month bear testimony to the enhanced focus on environmental enforcement as part of a £2m investment to support the recovery of its frontline services.

What have they been working on?

As well as issuing 45 Fixed Penalty Notices for various offences, Kirklees Council successfully prosecuted one case that saw a resident fined a total of just over £1,700 for failing to comply with a Community Protection Notice.

Luke Berry was found guilty in his absence of a breach of Section 43 of the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 when he failed to remove waste that he had left on and around his property on Lobley Street, Heckmondwicke. Berry was fined £660, with a victim surcharge £66 and costs of £992 a total of £1,718.

Our GAT had issued Mr Berry with a notice to clear the waste and rubble following complaints. His failure to do so led to his subsequent court case, a guilty verdict and a substantial fine.

Councillor Naheed Mather, Cabinet Member for Environment said:

“Our Enforcement Officers issued 45 separate fixed penalties last month and secured a very significant guilty outcome in court. This sends a very strong and clear message to our residents and anyone who disrespects the Kirklees people and environment by engaging in these costly and unsocial actions. Kirklees Council will work tirelessly to ensure ours is a clean and safe place in which to live. Our commitment is to be purposeful, vigilant and unstinting in tracking down anyone who disrespects our area by littering, allowing dogs to foul without clearing up or fly-tipping. It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure our streets are litter free and clean of waste and we thank every resident that has reported waste issues to the Council. The court result is testimony to the hard work of our Senior Enforcement Officers who deserve high praise for their work on totally unnecessary problems caused by a small minority of people.”

Huge pile of bricks and rubble surrounded by litter Piles of cardboard and wood

What did fixed penalties cover?

Of the 45 fixed penalties we issued last month, five were for fly-tipping, two for dog fouling, 13 for littering from motor vehicles and 25 were handed to pedestrians dropping litter. We have also taken receipt of payment for 47 Fixed Penalty Notices in September and is anticipating positive outcomes in several more court cases.

We have several services in place where residents can safely and legally dispose of waste materials; information can be found on the Council’s website.

Councillor Naheed Mather, Cabinet Member for Environment said:

“Fly-tipping comes down to a few people simply not caring about what happens to their waste and the impact dumping it has on others. It’s your waste, and your responsibility to get rid of it in the right way.

“The council’s recycling centres are open, and we also offer a bulky waste collection service. Charities will often collect large items for upcycling and specialist waste can be collected by reputable companies.

“Remember, if you ask someone to remove waste on your behalf you must check they have a valid waste carrier licence. Not everyone who offers waste collection services are reputable and they may dump your rubbish. If they do, and our investigators find evidence, you could be prosecuted too.”


Flytipping in your area?

If you spot fly-tipping, it can be reported to Kirklees Council online at