Become a Co-production Board Member and influence adult social care service delivery

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‘Our vision is about people as active and equal partners in how we work together to co-produce, co-design, co-deliver and co-evaluate care services in Kirklees’

Kirklees Council, Our five-year vision for Adult Social Care

What is Co-production?

It is a way of working together to create the best possible decisions and services. It’s a process that is value-driven and most importantly built on the principle that those who use a service are best placed to help design, evaluate and influence it.

What’s happened so far?

People who need additional care and support, carers, community members, professionals and organisations have already worked together on influential projects, including:

  • An integrated Contact Centre Service for health and care
  • A review of Direct Payments within social care
  • Community Champions – helping to build confidence from within communities about the COVID-19 vaccination programme.
  • Iroko Project – working with the Black African and Caribbean Community to understand lived experience around inequalities and co-producing community-led solutions

What is the Co-production Network?

It is an informal community of people who are interested in how we can learn together to create positive and lasting change.

The Co-production Network is made up of local people with experience of health and social care services as well as professionals from Kirklees Council, Adults and Children’s Social Care, Healthwatch, Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Group, Locala and many other voluntary sector organisations also known as Co-production Partners.

What is the Co-production Board?

Within the Co-production Network, there is also a Co-production Board coordinated by Kirklees Council, whose members work to drive the development of co-production in our local area as set out in the Kirklees Council Vision for Adult Social Care.

What will the Co-production Board do?

  • Change the hearts and minds of people across health and care so they understand the benefits and are committed to co-production.
  • Work with strategic leaders of social care and health in Kirklees to drive the development of co-production, as set out in Kirklees Council vision.
  • Gather views of stakeholders in the community and ensure they are shared with strategic leaders.
  • Establish working groups to further any projects the board want to take forward.
  • Attend the Health and Adult Social Care Scrutiny Committee to update on progress around co-production.
  • Work in partnership to provide advice and recommendations to the leaders of social care and health organisations in Kirklees on the best way to plan, commission and provide care and support.
  • Produce and monitor the delivery of an action plan

How can I join the Co-production Board?

If you would like to join the Co-production board please call 07807 124009 or email

The closing date is 5 pm on Thursday 2nd December 2021