We’re replacing all fire doors in council-owned housing blocks to make them even safer

Harold Wilson court

We’re covering the cost of improvements to our high and low-rise buildings to ensure the safety of all tenants and leaseholders.

A number of safety compliance improvements to council-owned properties are underway, aimed at making homes and communal areas of buildings even safer for tenants.

How many properties will this cover?  

The work is part of a £90m plan including the replacement of 11,447 fire doors across 870 properties. They will cost between £500 and £1,200 per door depending on size, type and configuration.

Under the terms of leaseholder agreements, private leaseholders who purchase properties in council-owned buildings have full responsibility for the cost of repairing, maintaining and improving the properties.

Following engagement with tenants and residents, we’ve renewed our commitment to safety and pledged to cover the cost of replacing all fire doors for both tenant and leaseholder homes.

Councillor Cathy Scott, Cabinet Member Housing and Democracy, said:

“We’ve engaged with our tenants and residents, and listened to concerns from private leaseholders about how they can afford to pay for these necessary safety upgrades to their properties.

Our priority is ensuring that everyone living in our buildings and using our communal areas are safe, in the event of a fire. 

We’re committed to ensuring that all safety improvement works can be carried out to the highest standards and want to remove any financial barriers for tenants and leaseholders. Safety should not be a luxury, and as such we will be covering the cost of replacing fire doors in all our high-rise and low-rise blocks to ensure safety for all.”