Improvements for pedestrians and cyclists on Dundas Street

Works to improve access to Dundas Street in Huddersfield town centre for cyclists and pedestrians will begin in early February.

What are the changes?

The works, which will follow on from recent improvements on Upper Head Row, include widening of footways and the addition of a cycle bypass. This will improve access from the bus station to Market Street and for those continuing their journeys onto the train station via bicycle. 

The benefits of widening the footways will be an improvement in facilities for both pedestrians and vulnerable road users.

Will there be any other changes?

Dundas Street will also have new street furniture and will include the introduction of trees and uplighting. Planting trees is crucial in helping to mitigate the effects of climate change. Uplighting will provide additional lighting in the area as well as add to the aesthetic of the street. Drainage works will also take place alongside the installation of new traffic signal equipment and resurfacing of the carriageway.

To accommodate the cycle bypass, parking facilities on Dundas Street will be reduced to five spaces. Alternate parking is available at the bus station or surrounding streets including George Street, Sergeantson Street and Fox Street. Pay and display parking will be temporarily removed on Half Moon Street to accommodate taxi ranks which will be closed on Dundas Street during the works.

When will the works start?

Works are programmed under a full road closure from the 7 February for approximately 6 months.

To reduce disruption, the majority of work will take place between the hours of 7:30am and 3:30pm Monday to Thursday and 7:30am-3:00pm on Fridays.

Will access to shops and businesses be affected?

The road closure will be in place 24/7. However, all shops and businesses on Dundas Street will remain open and be accessible by foot. Businesses on Dundas Street will remain open as usual. Some work may need completing in front of their premises at the weekend.

Will there be other routes available?

Alternative routes for vehicles affected by the closure will be available via the following routes. The one-way section of Upper Head Row between George Street and Dundas Street will temporarily become two way to allow traffic exiting the bus station car park and Sainsbury’s car park to exit down George Street.

Any general traffic wanting to access Market Street / Westgate will have to divert down George Street, Sergeantson Steet and then Fox Street or Half Moon Street.

Dundas diversion route

Councillor Peter McBride, Cabinet Member for Regeneration said,

“We are undertaking works to create an active travel corridor on Dundas Street. The improvements include a new cycle bypass, and a better footway with the aim of providing more space and a safer route for walkers and cyclists.  

“We hope that these changes will encourage cyclists to get around the town centre more on their bikes and generally encourage people to use more active ways to travel.”