Anti-social behaviour court cases result in nearly £4,000 in fines

Scrap car

Our Greenspace Action Team (GAT) sent a clear message to residents involved in anti-social behaviour recently when five court cases resulted in fines totalling nearly £4,000.

The five cases involved residents not clearing waste from their properties and fly-tipping.

Mahmud Ul-Haq

Mahmud Ul-Haq was fined £1,400. The fine was for not clearing waste from his garden in Dewsbury. This was after he failed to comply with a Community Protection Notice (CPN).

Wayne Thompson and Sharon Lindsay

Wayne Thompson and Sharon Lindsay of Soothill, Batley failed to comply with a CPN. This was regarding the accumulation of waste in their garden. Both received fines of £345. Thompson failed to attend court to answer charges relating to his failure to clear the waste.

John Parker

John Parker of Dewsbury pleaded guilty to a charge of losing control of household waste under Section 34 Environmental Protection Act 1990. John was arrested before appearing in court and being fined £688.

Arfan Saddiq

Arfan Saddiq from Lockwood, Huddersfield was charged for not complying with Sections 33 and 34 of Environmental Protection Act 1990. He fly-tipped waste at Hall Lane, Thornhill, Dewsbury. His guilty plea saw him fined a total of £1,010.

Colin Parr, Strategic Director for Environment and Climate Change at Kirklees Council said;

“The outcome of the cases represents a significant success in our battle against anti-social behaviour in Kirklees. All the cases involve residents who have not disposed of waste properly. Where possible, we try to work with residents but unfortunately some do not respond, they must think that they are above the law but then end up in court. We will not shy away from this last resort which usually ends up with the resident facing a much bigger penalty, as is the case here.”

The GAT team took action to arrange the removal of an unroadworthy vehicle. The vehicle was being used to advertise scrap cars in Honley.

Report fly-tipping

Anyone spotting fly-tipping taking place or wanting to report an incident to the council can do so by visiting the website at