Healey Lane School pupils say dog owners need to clean up their act

School children holding up winning posters

Pupils in year three and six at Healey Lane Junior School, Batley are calling out local dog owners for not taking responsibility for their dogs by allowing them to roam off leads and not clearing up after them.

Two of our Public Space Protection Offices recently visited the school. The officers talked about problems with dog owners close to the school. This resulted in a competition in which the pupils created dog-fouling and dogs-off-lead posters. The children produced some fantastic artwork. The best of which will be turned into professionally produced signs with the aid of our graphics department.

It was difficult choosing the winners, but out of more than 60 we managed to pick 12 who all received a prize from our Batley area Ranger.

The four selected designs will be displayed as signs on lampposts close to the school and Healey Community Centre in the hope that dog owners will take notice and clean up their acts.

Report dog fouling 

Anyone spotting dog fouling taking place or wanting to report an incident you can do so by visiting our website.

Children holding their posters