Link Worker Day 2022 – A prescription for social inclusion 

Link Worker Day 2022

Our Social Prescribing Link Workers work alongside GP surgeries, supporting people to improve their health and social wellbeing by connecting them to local services and activities within their community.

The team also includes specialist Mental Health link workers who support people through factors that can impact people’s mental health.

Here’s Jennifer describing how she supports patients.

A day in the life of… a Social Prescribing Link Worker  

As a Link Worker, I get to work with people of all ages and backgrounds. Many people are referred to me by their GP surgery, although individuals can refer themselves.  Many have problems around mental health – particularly since the Covid-19 pandemic. I have seen a significant increase in issues around social isolation, mood and anxiety.

Helping patients help themselves 

I work with patients on a one-to-one basis to help identify what their goals are and how they can be achieved. Together, we plan up to 12 sessions. I’m rarely needed for that long because, with the support of a Link Worker and that of the services we can connect them to, they find their feet and become more independent.

Support with daily living  

Our team helps individuals feeling overwhelmed with day-to-day life. We can help navigate situations that maybe impacting their mental health such as housing and financial issues, employment and family breakdown.

Making local connections 

It’s important for me to develop links with community groups and services. I find out what’s on offer in local areas. Before I can connect someone to the right support, I need to know who and how these groups can help. This could be a carers support group, local benefits advisor, a singing for wellbeing group or support for alcohol and substance abuse – the list goes on!

It is really rewarding knowing that you’ve made such a big difference to someone!

Access support

Please speak to your GP if you feel you could benefit from social prescribing.

Hi, my name is Jennifer. I support people to become more active and independent.