Our Kirklees Futures – helping every learner to fulfil their potential

Our kirklees futures. Councillor carole Pattison next to Musharaf Asghar

A new, long-term vision for education across Kirklees has been celebrated at a unique event.

In a first for the district, teachers, leaders, professionals and special guests joined forces to mark ‘Our Kirklees Futures’. A highly ambitious plan created to help children and learners of all ages reach their full potential and equip them with skills to succeed throughout life.

What is our Kirklees futures?

Our Kirklees Futures brings together the full range of education providers and wider partners. With the goal that every child, young person and learner will have the best start in life.

The plan shapes learning all the way through to 2030 with the aim of making Kirklees a national centre of excellence, establishing the values of strong, inclusive, supportive and high-achieving education.

The learning summit brought the sharing of knowledge and ideas and saw education professionals unite behind Our Kirklees Futures.

Who attended the event?

There were inspirational guests including Musharaf Asghar, who went to school in Kirklees and became a huge hit in the TV show Educating Yorkshire. Musharaf was helped to express himself, despite a serious stammer, and is now a keynote speaker who describes his emotional journey.

Learners featured at the summit, representing the Democracy Friendly Schools programme, ensuring that young people’s voices are represented and heard.

Cllr Carole Pattison, Cabinet member for Learning, Aspiration and Communities, said

: “The learning summit was an incredibly important step forward in developing standards of care and education in Kirklees.

“Our Kirklees Futures will impact on every child and young person in our district for many years to come. It is bold, progressive and will help us to improve lives.

“Every child deserves the chance to aspire and achieve, no matter what their starting point may be. We are ambitious for every one of them.

“This is a true partnership between the council, early years settings, schools, local communities and providers of further and higher education – by working together, we will make the difference.

“We already have excellent people and strong foundations in place, but we must build on them and remove the barriers to success. The talents of each child and young person will be nurtured and developed.

“We want our learners to be happy, healthy, safe and achieving well. Our Kirklees Futures is our long-term strategy to transform learning for all.”

More about Our Kirklees Futures

Our Kirklees Futures was co-produced with the local education sector alongside organisations that work with families, after listening to the voice of young people.

The plan outlines priorities and describes the vision for education in Kirklees. Featuring a series of actions that will be taken over several years.

Musharaf Asghar, who went to school in Dewsbury, said:

“Learning has been the foundation of all the goals I have managed to achieve in my life.

“Being a learner in Kirklees has shown me how impactful teaching can be. In my opinion, teachers are the everyday heroes that students seek in their academic lives.

“I’ve been very fortunate to have the support I did in school. This has shown that if we create an environment that is inclusive for every single individual, it translates to a higher percentage of students achieving their goals.

“Learning in Kirklees hasn’t just given me my crucial GCSEs but strengths in life such as speaking and listening skills, which I have taken into my profession of being a journalist and a public speaker sharing my story.”

Youth Councillor Nynx Pickering, from King James’s School in Almondbury, said:

“I didn’t know that young people could get involved in democracy. The Democracy Friendly Schools programme has helped me understand that we can have a say and we can impact what happens in the place where we live.”

You can read more about Our Kirklees Futures on the council website.