“Put your dog poo in the bin” say Healey School pupils’ street signs  

Front Row (L-R) – Winning designers Umar (11), Akif (6), Izyaan (7) and Jaycee (10) display their posters Back Row (L-R) Hayley Butler and Julian Cross from Kirklees Council, Tracey Ashton from Healey J&I School.

Four new street signs created by pupils at Healey Junior & Infants School, Batley carry a clear message to dog owners – clean up after your dog and put the poo in the bin!

The posters are now displayed around the school and close to Healey Community Centre in the hope that dog owners will take notice and clean up their acts.

The Posters

Text that reads Your dog did his duty .. now you do yours. Digs should be on a lead! 

No poo in our area. clean your dogs poo, we use this path to walk to school. 

With an image of a dog and their owner picking up after them.
Text reads -Any bag. Any bin. Clean up after your pet. Do the right thing please.

With an illustration of a dog stood between a pile of poo and a waste bin, saying do the right thing please.
Text reads - No poo around our school. 

Have a lead on your dog. 

Please pick up after your dog

Thank you.
Text read - Hey yo, pick up your dog poo.

The posters were the result of a competition in which the pupils created posters about dog-fouling and dogs being off-lead. The competition came about when two of our Public Space Protection Officers visited the school to talk about problems with dog owners close to the school.

Speaking on behalf of the four poster designers Jaycee (10) said

“We hope the dog owners will see our posters, pick up their dog’s poo and put it in the bin where it belongs.”

Children Suffering

Councillor Naheed Mather, Cabinet Member for Environment said:

“Children are often the ones that suffer the most because of irresponsible dog owners not cleaning up after their dogs or allowing them to roam off-lead. These children are having to avoid stepping in dog mess every day they go to school because of the actions of a small minority of dog owners. Also, an off-lead dog can be very frightening to a small child. The designs carry very strong messages that we hope dog owners will hear loud and clear and take the right action.”

Anyone spotting dog fouling taking place or wanting to report an incident to the council can do so by visiting the website at www.kirklees.gov.uk/beta/animals/dog-fouling.aspx