Free health check sends poor health up in smoke for one resident

Cllr receiving health check

Since the Health Checks pilot began in November 2021, the Wellness Service have seen over 800 clients and helped spot and prevent serious illness. Early intervention, free support and helping people to help themselves, means fewer people have needed to visit their GP.

Meet Kirklees resident ‘T’

‘T’ was interested in getting a snapshot of his current health. He saw that the Wellness Service were offering free health checks.  ‘T’  thought this would be the perfect springboard to getting healthier.

He made his appointment online and went along to Thornton Lodge where he met Alison, a Health Coach with the Wellness Service.

‘T’ underwent the usual checks – blood pressure, BMI, average blood glucose and cholesterol. The checks revealed he had a very high blood pressure, raised BMI and a cholesterol ratio that was above the healthy range. These results, along with being a heavy smoker, indicated that he was at high risk of developing cardio-vascular disease within the next 10 years.

Making a life changing plan

‘T’ and his health coach discussed some lifestyle changes he could make himself to improve his health. Such as physical exercise, changes to his diet and smoking cessation support – he set himself realistic goals.

Following his results, with the help of Alison, ‘T’ was signposted to his GP for blood pressure monitoring, and to Kirklees Wellness Service for smoking cessation support.

He agreed to further telephone coaching sessions with his Health Coach before returning for a follow-up check 3 months later.

3 months later and ‘T’ has reversed his results

With the help of the free smoking cessation support and support from his wife, ‘T’ has quit smoking and so has his wife! Along with some dietary changes, he has successfully reduced his BMI and lowered his cholesterol. His blood pressure has dropped and is being monitored and treated by his GP. These changes have dramatically reduced his risk of developing cardiovascular disease in the next 10 years.

Book your FREE health check today!

Help prevent serious illness in the future and get a free health check. You must be aged between 40-74 and be a resident in Kirklees. Check the Wellness Service website for more details and book your appointment or call 01484 234095.