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Dewsbury Creative Town Arts Plan – a creative town

The journey so far …

As part of the ‘Dewsbury Blueprint’ vision, the creative town plans are set to revitalise the town centre. We’ve already worked with innovative artists to include a range of temporary and permanent public art across various sites in Dewsbury.

Making Dewsbury a Creative town will help shape its identity and generate year-round tourism. It will also support the night-time economy and lead Dewsbury town centre to become a vibrant, safe, and attractive place at all hours.

Where can you see the artwork?

Have a look at some of the work already installed in Dewsbury town centre.

Anthony Gormley, WORK, on the roof of the Pioneer Higher Skills Centre.

We received a sculpture from Anthony Gormley titled WORK on a 10-year loan. This is situated on the roof of Pioneer Higher Skills Centre.

Artist duo Daylight Robbery, made up of Aidan D’Abet and Kelly O’Reilly, engaged with the Dewsbury community to create artwork for both entrances to the Dewsbury Arcade.

Artists and council staff stood in front of Dewsbury Arcade entrance showing off arcade artwork
Artists and council staff stood in front of the Dewsbury Arcade entrance

Urban Rewild: Emmeline North was commissioned to do a contemporary design inspired by nature and landscapes. You can see this piece on the side of the Princess of Wales Shopping Centre on Church Street.

Bright mural on church street

Visit the creative town page to find out about our other art projects, artists from the local area and those from further afield.

What’s next for creative town?

In the coming months, you will see a new installation in Dewsbury Underpass under Rishworth Road. Local visual artist Saba Rifat will create a piece that will feature on the walls of the underpass, inspired by urban surface patterns in the town centre. Saba is also working with Kirklees students to create their own surface patterns that will be used in the artwork.

You may have noticed the big industrial containers in Cliffe street car park, painted orange and purple, Cubic Fruits and lead artist Emmeline North have designed the artwork that will cover the containers, here are a couple of examples:

You can follow the progress on the Dewsbury Market artwork as well as all our other creative town projects on our socials, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using @dewsburycreativetown.

If you are an artist interested in working with us on further projects you can get in touch via beam. We work in partnership with Beam to engage new artists.

Email Beam: contact@beam.uk.net